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Technology innovation and service outsourcing concentrated area of Nanchang District
Situated at the joint belt of Wuxi's traditional business center and future municipal administrative center and covering a planned area of 3. 52 km2. Technology innovation and service outsourcing concentrated area of Nanchang District enjoys significant location advantages.
Centro Pymexporta Campeche
I represent a Mexican government office in the State of Campeche. Our objetive is to promote the labor of artisans in the state of Campeche; and our main goal is to help local handcrafters to export their products. We are not brokers, and we don't look forward to a retribution for our job.
minia ITP
We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves, we are miniaInternational Trade Point (M. I. T. P) ministry of Foreign trade & Industry working in the field of Marketing & Promotion through exchanging information using latest technology for Developing transactions with other countries
Tarakan International Marketing Point
Our institution named Tarakan International Marketing Point. It is established by Indonesia National Agency for Export Development (nafed / bpen) . Our main task is to market all kind of Indonesia products (handicraft, furniture, frozen food, vegetables, etc. ) for export market. We can give you information that appropriate with your needs about Indonesia products and also the exporter from Indonesia. We can help you to build relationship with Indonesian exporter of any kind of products. Why should you contact us? - we make it easier for businessmen and exporters from Indonesia to get information about foreign countries needs of Indonesia products. - we provide an assistance to reach successful business negotiating that give benefit to exporters and importers. - we make it easier for foreign importers and investors to get information about Indonesian products along with investment opportunities at Indonesia. - we provide you a guara...
Kafr El Sheikh International Trade Point
We are Kafr El Shiekh International Trade Point (KITP) ; we are an Egyptian governmental sector under ministry of Trade and Industry. Our services are free of charge to help investors, businessmen, exporters and importers, so we have investment, import and export opportunities.
Consulate General of Romania
The Economic Office under The Consulate General of Romania in New York is supporting Romanina businesses to expand to the US, and, at the same time, provides to interested American companies information about the Romanian market.
Mediator Company
We are mediator for coal and cpo origin from Indonesia. We can supply you for coal gcv 5300-5600 and 6300, 6500 etc. And we offer also palm oiul plantation around 17 thousands ha in South Sumatera. Please contact me at 6281395440531
Pak. Hunting & Sporting Arms Dev. Co. (PHSADC) is a non-profit business support organization. We are representing over 300 Pakistani manufacturers of knives, leather accessories and fabric accessories. We are serving worldwide importers of hunting and shooting sport accessories with a unique blend of products and services. The following services to the buyer are free of cost.-Products and trade partner selection-Business agreements facilitation-Guaranteeing desired specifications, timely delivery and consistency in supplies-Protecting business transactions-Customized product development solutions-Customized brand labeling
Engr. John Eno
I am seeking an interested company to dispose off USED RAILS SCRAPS, which the Ministry of Transportation has allocated to our company to dispose. In Nigeria, transportation by train collapsed for over the past 35 years due to inadequate government funding and poor maintenance, which as a result more than 87% of the Nigerian Locomotives is abandoned not only at yards but also on different railways. The situation got worsened when the Operator of the System declared bankruptcy in 1983, and since then efforts and strategies to rebuild the railways system have been unsuccessful until finally the Ministry of Transportation unanimously approved the disposal of all its HMS SCRAPS in the bid to generate the required revenue to rehabilitate the railways; you can visit the below website for more details: HTTP: / / WWW. photius. com / countries / Nigeria / economy / nigeria_economy_railroads. HTMLHowever, due to my relationship with the Honor...
ICS Greenstar
Investigations carried out on primary or secondary contract basis. All types investigations including covert surveillance, tracking, electronic forensics, Fingerprint / DNA analysis for referral to authorised dept only. Bug / camera / RF etc. . . . . . . detection to legitimate endorsed parties. Referral service to relevant third parties. Summons delivery / Credit checks / criminal record checks etc for private clients included. Prepared to work for all international private / commercial & government clients on power of attorney basis. ALL clients must satisfy ability to prove there is a legitimate reason for our services to be availed of on a case by case basis.
Accurate Security Systems (Pvt) Ltd.
Approved by the Federal Government of Pakistan, and licensed under the Private Security Companies Rule, 2003 by Government of Punjab and Sindh. Managed by highly skilled professionals to offer a complete range of security services to banks, financial institutions, diplomatic missions, industrial units, business concerns and homes etc.SALIENT FEATURES Accurate Security is the premier provider of security solutions for business acceleration? As the chosen security partner of many renown organizations and firms in Pakistan. Accurate helps the world's leading organizations succeed by solving their most complex and sensitive security challenges. Accurate Security after over 10 years providing leadership to the security industry, striving to join international security companies for join ventures in Pakistan keeping in view our National requirements. Accurate Security in response to the corporate and public demands for security is ush...
Data Recovery Kuwait 97234117
We take high priority in retrieving your lost data, with top care and confidentiality. We can retrieve the lost data from all type of Hard Drive (Desktop & Laptop). Supported hard drives Please choose the manufacturer to see complete list of supported model numbers. Fujitsu, Toshiba, Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung, Important: If your drive is not listed here, then you can run Repair Station Diagnostics to find out whether the drive is supported or not. We also do Flash Drive data recovery. Overview With Repair Station you can: remove an unknown ATA-password; both security levels are supported: High and Maximum diagnose and recover HDD firmware area ATA Passwords. Almost all laptops and some modern desktop computers have the ability to lock a hard disk drive with an ATA password so that hard drive remains inaccessible until correct password is entered. Manufacturers call this technology different ways, for example, H...
FULL BACKGROUND CHECKS ON CLIENTS ARE MANDATORY- Our Anti-Terrorism / Security products and consultants.Our consultants have hands on experience . We are interested in projects in Asia, Middle East, North and South America, Oceania, Africa. Contact us for more information.
Wildlife Centre
The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC), a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation project situated in the South West Region of Cameroon, was started in 1993 by the Pandrillus Foundation, a conservation NGO, and the Government of Cameroon. S
Badr International Trade Point
What is Badr International Trade Point? A hi-technology center for facilitating trade transaction byUsing the latest technology to exchange information. One stop center, where businessmen can receive all servicesRelated to international trade and all information about industries in Badr City. Badr International Trade Point has a local area network (LAN) linked with the Egyptian business communities (private and public) through the following Major Sections: Trade Facilitation-Promotion-Exhibitions & FairsServices & ActivitiesBadr trade point promotes Egyptian products which haveCompetitive advantage. Distributes the trade and investment opportunities to the Egyptian businessmen and to the small and medium enterprises. Offers databases covering not only trade transactions stages, butAlso the pre-trade stages; these include market information options, price statistics, insurance facilities, foreign trade regulations, foreign tr...
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