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HDMI Matrix switchers support HDMI 1.4 ,HDCP, and DVI 1.0 protocol. Support for 12-bit color depth and all HDTV resolutions including 1080p/60,and PC resolution up to 1920 * 1200. Support automatic equalization for long input up to 35 meters and compensation for long HDMI cable to reduce the required additional input signal processing device number. This matrix can be excellent transmit HDMI video and multi-channel digital audio signals to the display device via the HDMI

1.Plug-in structure, Max NO. Of input and output channesl:16 , the number of input channels and output channels can be free to choose;

2. Support HDMI input audio loop out, HDMI output audio separation of functions;

3 Long wire drive capability.

4 Connection prompt function;

5 HDCP-compliant;: such as blue DVD,GAME BOX etc.

6 Audio access functions; VIDEO signal input board, VGA signal input board with audio interface. Can switch video by cooperating with audio output seperation function

7 The EDID support computing capabilities; Automatic calculation of intersection and collection. For EDID information from arbitrary output monitor's When one input signal to a plurality of different sub-Resolution of the display device, can automatically obtain the best resolution of the current switching state and the trigger signal source to change the resolution (automatic mode);

8 The EDID support switching function; read back EDID from any output display device and switch to another output display device.

9 The center control function. After extened the central controll, it has programmalble central control function,support 3way programmable RS232 port,3way infrared emission mouth, and can be controled by IOS device android.

10 Power off memory and scene memory functions.can save and use 18 kind of switch state.

11 expand the control of network:after extened, can use remote networt control the switech of matrix except by IOS device

12 Input and output boards; 2 way of each board when less than 36 ways. 4 ways of each board when more than 36.

13 Support full HD; compatible with HDTV resolution including 1080p/60 and PC up to 1920*1200

14 Luxury crystal buttons with LED indicator.

15 Support HDMI1.4, HDCP and 3.25Gbps rate.

16 With one-way RS-232 communication port;

17 Built-in international universal power supply
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