09 series Servo Shaft Tubular Linear Motor

Minimum Order
Product Description

● Peak:17-42N

● Continous:6-14N

Maximum Velocity

● Up to 3m/s

Built-in Feedback

● Can built-in position sensor

● Three differential sin wave signals displaced by 120 degrees or A quad B square wave . +5VDC supply.

● industry standard 1V pk-pk sin/cos signals is Optional.

● Maximum 4 micron resolution and 8 micron repeatability.

Range of motion

● 5mm-500mm


● 09 series forcer: W*H:27*27mm Rod diameter:9.5mm


● Packaging

● Material Handling

● Automated Assembly

● Bio-medical

● Semiconductor and Robot

The OEM advantage

● Reliable and cost-effecitve

● Flexible position control

● High speed and acceleration

● Clean,quiet operation

● No maintenance or adjustment

The ServoShaft Actuator and component is an optimal solution for industrial position control. Faster than a ballscrew with the clean reliability of a linear forcer, ServoShaft Actuator and component is a cost-effective alternative to air cylinders in applications requiring greater flexibility and control.

The ServoShaft Actuator and component incorporates an IP67 rated forcer and a sealed stainless steel thaft rod enclosing rare-earth magnets. This model deliver a continuous force range of 6~14 N with peak forces up to 42 N . customized stroke lengths are available from5~500 mm.

The patented magnetic design of ServoShaft Actuator and component generates 8 micron repeatability and 400 micron accuracy from a non-contact, integral position sensor. No external encoder is required. Position output is Three differential sin wave signals displaced by 120 degrees or A quad B square wave . +5VDC supply.

For ServoShaft Actuator an internal dry bearing provides clean, quiet, maintenance-free performance. Life expectancy far exceeds typical ballscrew solutions.

The ServoShaft Actuator and component is ideal for push/pull/lift material handling, packaging and automated assembly applications. ServoShaft accepts a range of industry standard accessories for simple mechanical integration.
Other Information
Electrical specifications

09 series

ParameterstUnit t0904t0905t0906t0907t0908t0909t0910

Peak forcetNt16.8 t21.0 t25.2 t29.4 t33.6 t37.8 t42.0

Continuous force Nt5.6 t7.0 t8.4 t9.8 t11.2 t12.6 t14.0

Peak currenttAt4.2 t4.2 t4.2 t4.2 t4.2 t4.2 t4.2

Continuous current At1.4 t1.4 t1.4 t1.4 t1.4 t1.4 t1.4

Force constant N/Armst4.0 t5.0 t6.0 t7.0 t8.0 t9.0 t10.0

Back EMF constant Vpk/m/s 3.3 t4.1 t4.9 t5.7 t6.5 t7.3 t8.1

Max speedtm/st3t3t3t3t3t3t3

Peak acceleration m/s/st100t100t100t100t100t100t100

Max stroketmmt1100t1083t1066t1049t1032t1015t998

Forcer W*H*Ltmmt27*27*109t27*27*126t27*27*143t27*27*160t 27*27*177t27*27*194t27*27*211

Rod diametertmmt9.5t9.5t9.5t9.5t9.5t9.5t9.5

Built-in sensortumt5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25


Inductance(phase to phase)tmHt0.29t0.36t0.43t0.51t0.58t0.65t0.72

Resistance(phase to phase)tomigat1.6t2t2.4t2.8t3.2t3.6t4

Pole pitchtmmt30t30t30t30t30t30t30

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