1000w Household Solar Power System Solar Energy for home

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Product Description
1,home solar panel is with TUV,IEC certificates,

2.the solar inverter is use power frequency pure wave solar inverter, which is the most stable inverter,

3.the solar system is Integrate and modular, easy to use and maintain
Product Feature
Solar energy system for home

1000w solar generator system
Product Specification / Models
1000W home solar power system is composed by the solar panel, solar controller, solar battery, solar inverter etc..

1. solar panels

The solar panel is made of high efficiency solar cell, which is made by the international advanced equipment from Germany ,Italy and USA,The efficiency of solar cell can reach 18 %,the assemble materail with low-ironglass named EVA and,TPT is from SPIRE company, USA. Because the glass is high transmissibility and mechanical intension, backboard is good airproof, the maximum service life can reach 25 years ,the pole cable adopt the ormolu cincture,which ensure the low resistance, when high current pass. It is good for power output. The solar module no need maintenance on service. Main capabiltiy parameter(Test Condition:AM1.5,Ee=1000W/mu00b2,C=25u00baC)

2 solar charge controller

Solar charge controller is one of the most

important components in the solar power

generation system. It will affect the service life of the system directly,

especially the battery's. In any case,overcharging or over discharging to the battery will shorten its service life.

3. off-grid Inverter

The off-grid inverter is specially dessgued for new energy generating system,with all advantages of conventional inverters.it is applicable in mouhtainous pastoral area,border and islands,ect.lack of electricity and trauspovtation.owing to its reliability,if especially.saver time and st of maintenance.The light efficiency of inverter pormises this redustion of thse capability of solar panels and therefore the savings in the investment.

4 Solar battery

a.Design service life: Floating life service 5 years ( at normal usage and full charged , 25u00baC ),Deep cycle life service 1200 times ( 80% deep discharge and charge fully in 25u00baC )

b. Charge acceptance ability

After discharge at 100% depth , charge for 10 hours at constant voltage of 14.1V/cell and limited current of 0.15C10 ( A ) , then , the power charged is more than 98% of power discharged .

Recombination efficiency greater than 99%

c. Capacity remain

The capacity will remain more than 90% after storage for 90 days in no use condition
Application / Models
1000W home solar power system is design for family, who want to use the TV,ice box,rice cooker and lighting, 1000w home solar power system can supply the 2-4 KWH for the home application everyday, and will go on working within 2-3 rainy and cloudy day. it is good products to supply the enough power for the people in African or other areas, which is no electric or shortage of electric.
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1000w home solar energy system, solar power system

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