100VDC Variable Capacitor,6mm trimmer capacitor,SMD capacitor STC6

Minimum Order
Product Description

These specifications are applied to Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors with the ceramic dielectric, which are used for the electric and electronic apparatus and communication equipments

Product Feature
2.Part Number

The part number consists of category, dimension , temperature characteristics and maximum nominal


STCt6tt100tttRt( 050 is 05u00d71000 = 5 PF )


( a )t( b )t( c )t( d )

(a)tCategory: Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

(b)tOuter size : Plastic casing type :6mm

(c)tMaximum nominal capacitance : PF unit in 3 digits (The1st and 2nd figures

indicate the significant figures, but the 3rd indicates the number of naught.)

(D) Adjusting types : R (Reverse Type) or Blank (Normal Type)

3.Rated voltage : 100VDC

4.Temperature range : -25degreeto +85degree

5.Test circumstance :Test should be done at 20degree with relative humidity at 65%. However, subjected to special requirement,the ideal range should be within u00b15degree and humidity from 45degreeto 85degree

Product Specification / Models
6. Electrical Characteristic

6.1tCapacitance Drift After Adjustment

Rotation shall be made for 5 cycles for 180 degree at a rate of 20 r/mm, a capacitance value difference woul d be found immediately. Once the shaft is stopped at the position of the maximum capacit-ance value after 24 hours later. The specification range should be within 5pF, 10pF u00b1 1.5% and 30pF u00b1 2%.

6.2tTemperature Characteristics

When measured the capacitance at 1MHzu00b110%, it reached the heat balance at each temperature changed to

.+20degree to -25degree with adjusting to 80%~90% of the maximum capacitance, the capacitance change is based on the capacitance at +20degree of 2nF, stage of changing the temperature as above.

6.3tQ (Quality factor)

When measured at 20degree, 0.5V to 5V, 1MHz and maximum capacitance ,the Q values are listed in the attached specification.

6.4tInsulation Resistance

When applied 100VDC between terminals for 1 minute at the maximum capacitance, the insulation resistance shall be more than 10,000M.

6.5 Withstanding Voltage

There is no abnormality after applied 220VDC (1ess than 5mA) for 5 seconds between the terminals.

7.tStructure and mechanical characteristics

7.1 Configuration and Dimensions

Please refer to the attached drawings.

7.2 Strength of Terminals

When applied a power to the terminals to any direction slowly and kept at 0.5 kg for 10 seconds, the terminals shall not be loosen or broken mechanically.

7.3 Torque

The torque test should be done at least for l round tuning from 35gf.cm to 100gf.cm for the Normal Type, or 15gf.cm to 100gf.cm for the Reverse Type . Please note that it might cause the torque will decrease against the rotation increase.

7.4 Solder ability

When dipped the terminals into the soldering pot at 255 degreeu00b15 degreefor 2u00b10.5 seconds. There is almost 75% of the total dipped surface are covered with the new solder.( Caution: Keep the soldering conditions as above. If the soldering conditions are not suitable (excessive time, excessive temperature and etc.), it's performance will be seriously deviated.

8.tColor Code

Please refer to the color code in the attached speci


Application / Models
This STC series is SMD type, miniature size ceramic trimmer capacitor, which are widely used for electronic

communication and electronic applied equipment.

Jinpei stablished in 1981, has more experience of the capacitors than 30 years, also was an armaments R&D and production of military enterprise in China.Participated in military item of the Shenzhou spacecraft/moon exploration project etc.The part products to obtain theoriginal costind of weapons-equipment production license, Found Shanghai office in 2005,mainly charge of international business.
Jinpei Scale
Staff over 200 people, has the tantalum capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors four production lines, annual sales of more than one hundred million yuan;factory covers an area of 19,000 square meters, annual output of more than 1 billion kinds of capacitors,have independent intellectual property rights. super capacitors patent No. Zl 2013 2 0254380.2 mlcc patent No.201310172755.5.

Business Plan
From the initial single capacitors business, to today’s diversified services, we through cooperate with other components enterprises for example resistor、inductor、diode etc field.and gradually improve the professional level.
For the improvement of production technology and management technology, the competition between the enterprises becomes more fierce,people gradually realized that the enterprise in to reduce the production cost of competition seems to have reached an end, the focus of the competition start from production field to non-production areas, the past is regarded as the auxiliary part and ignored, such as, warehousing, logistics, finance etc. fields, this is now emerging industries-supply chain.
Jinpei is working with several powerful supply chaincompanies for example logistics, cash flow, information flow, etc. in the ever-changinginformation time and own many information resources, has a skilled professional customs clearance, and financing experiences.
We began to study how to reduce costs in these fields, improve the quality of service, create new profit and value for customers.welcome cooperation with Jinpei solution (one-stop service) saving cost of 30% for you!

Jinpei Advantage
Technical Advantage
Jinpei except has its own strong technology platform, meanwhile also actively work on scientific research activity with some famous universities and research organization, such as Fudan university. Shanghai Science and technology commission、Nanjing electricpower research institute etc.
Marketing Mode Advantage
Professional capacitors products services, diversified services, to provide OEM services, customized according to customer demand non-standard products, relying on our many years of experience, we communicate technology with various field of customers.we provide technology solutions for customers as well.
Meanwhile We founded a wide range of cooperation with financial institutions and bank, also can provide payment for goods of sell on credit services for customers who meet the related conditions.
Position Advantage
Jinpei is located in the international metropolis, rapid access to information resources from global, very convenient transportation, excellent business environment, for the enterprise to adapt to the ever changing information age provides favorable conditions
Application Industries
Jinpei relying on its own strong technical platform, and over 30years of industries experience, has always been committed to the capacitor field of high and new technology R&D, we actively contact clients in different areas, involved in instrument, LED, audio, power supply, electronic toys, security, digital camera, microelectronics, oil drilling, solar energy, new energy vehicles, communications, military spaceflight etc.

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