1050-degree Non-asbestos CE, Allowed planning/1000 degree/1100 degree fireproof boards No pollution

Minimum Order
1 cubic metre
Wooden pallet package
15-20 days
Product Description
calcium silicate board is a new type of insulation material,which adopts silica,calcium oxide and reinforced fiber as raw material and is made through stirring heating,gelling,molding,steaming,curing and drying process.Based on our patent, there are six main products in our company.
Product Feature
-Low thermal conductivity,stable insulation property

-High service temp.,non-combustibility,non-deforming

-Low density,white(or prey)color and smooth appearance.

-Better folding and compressive strength than insulation materials with the same density


-Easy to cut and install,long service life.
Product Specification / Models
Modle No.:JN standard,JN High-temp.,JN High-desity
Application / Models

-Pipeline,high temp. air duct.

-Various furnaces incement,glass,ceramic industry.

-Metallurgy,petroleum,chemical industry and electric power.
Other Information
1. Large size high strength and light weight calcium silicate board.

Not only high strength light weight but also completely waterproof. This board is the best fireproof external wall calcium silicate board in now. More energy saving and more environmentally and the use life of the board is as same as the life of the building.

2. Standard type calcium silicate boards

The density of the board from 160 Kg/m3 to 350 Kg/m3, mainly used for heat preservation and heat insulation of the industrial furnace cellar, heat pipe heat preservation, the temperature limit can reach to 1050 degree, the flexural strength and thermal conductivity are better than the national standard. The main use industries including cement industry, thermal power plant boiler, heat pipe industry, aluminum industry, petrochemical industry, iron and steel smelting industry and others.

3. High temperature type calcium silicate boards

The density of the board from 220 Kg/m3 to 280 Kg/m3, the temperature limit can reach to 1150 degree, mainly used for high temperature parts of the furnace cellar, for example cement furnace cellar's head cover

4. The core board of fire door

The core board of fire door in our factory is the best wooden core board of fire door in all over China, the size is 1200u00d72400(mm), the tolerance is very small, very strong strength, and the fire resistance limit more than 3 hours, the density from 220 Kg/m3 to 270 Kg/m3 , flexural strength between 0.8 and 1.5mpa. And the board also can be used in building air duct, cable trough, cable tray, steel structure of the thermal insulation fireproof.

5. High density calcium silicate boards

The density of the board is from 350 Kg/m3 to 900 Kg/m3, the thickness of the board between 15mm and 100mm, have two kind limit temperatures of 1050 degree and 1150 degree.

6. High strength waterproof calcium silicate boards

This board with very high flexural strength and compressive strength, and completely waterproof, light density, it is a good choice for boating and tunnel insulation fireproof material.

The company registered capital of 5 million, used the advanced technology to produce the boards, and our company have more than 20 experience in this area, we have the best engineer in China and very strict with the quality, and now the annual production capacity can reach to nearly 50000 cubic meters, with the increasing market demand, we are prepare to enlarge our factory.

Now we are corporate with many powerful companies all over the world, in future, we are really want to supply the best quality calcium silicate board for more companies.

Our company regards product quality as enterprise life, constantly absorbing the development of the new technology, we promise we should try the best to make the contribution to the energy saving and environmental protection.
Our company has more than 20 years experience in producing the calcium silicate boards; we are the first company in China use the “glue twice in high temperature and high pressure synthesis” new technology, to produce the high strength light weight and high temperature calcium silicate board. Because of our factory use the new technology and use the steam can reach 400 degree, so we should get the calcium silicate board more flexural strength and higher temperature limit, smaller thermal conductivity. The highest temperature limited can reach to 1150 degree, 100 degree more than other factories use the ordinary technology to produce the boards. The flexural strength can reach to 0.7mpa--1.5mpa, 0.4mpa--1.5mpa more than other board, and the thermal conductivity is 0.03 W/mk, 0.01 W/mk less than other board, so that our board improve the effect of energy saving and improve the use life of the products.

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