150D DTY Polypropylene kintting Yarn

Minimum Order
3kg/bobbin 6bobbin/carton
after 15 days
T/T L/C at sight
Product Description
DTY Polypropylene microfiber Application: are eco-friendly, light weight, chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, anti-bacterial deodorant, beautiful color, etc., fine denier polypropylene yarn is mainly used for sports wear, seamless underwear, sport socks. According to customer needs and processing of various functional Polypropylene Super microfiber .
Product Feature
1, the lightest of the fiber: the density minimum, 40% lighter weight than cotton, 30% lighter than polyester, soft lubrication;

2, DTY Polypropylene microfiber more warmth than wool fibers: coefficient of thermal conductivity of natural fibers and synthetic fibers in the current minimum, the heat loss is lower;

3, DTY Polypropylene microfiber color fastness: dope dyeing, color fastness, after dyeing and other fiber can not be compared;

4, green fiber: made by polymerization of hydrocarbon elements, so its a good skin-friendly, can naturally degrade completely, combustion will not produce harmful gases;

Product Specification / Models

Tenacity: ≥2.5CN/dtex Elongation: 25-100%

Crimp retraction: ≥22% Crimp stability: ≥88%

Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus Pseudomonas fluorescence bacillus subtilis anti-bacterial rate of ≥80% 50tims the rate of anti-bacterial soap after ≥ 70% (test standard FZ/T 01021)

Color fastness: 4

Application / Models
Thermal wear Thermal under wear Socks and Sock Linings

Sportswear Knitwear Denim Jeans

Dive & Surf Suit Skiwear Work wear

Other Information
Application Guide

1. Iron free with temperature controlled under 100℃ due to its low melting point .

2. No exceeding 120℃ in steam setting/wet hot conditions ,and best between 70℃-80℃for dry heat setting .

3. PP may be steam set when used in weaving socks, but must with a pressure lower than cotton

4. No Using lubricants of mineral oil category to avoid damages to PP by compatibility for they both are abstracts from petroleum.

5. Avoid dry cleaning unless proved safe. Resistant to acid/ alkali , PP is still vulnerable to certain unknown organic solvents applied in the process

6. Select softeners carefully by their proposed usage

A. If affinity is required, a hydrophilic softener is used

B. If hydrophobicity is require, a hydrophobic softener is added

7. Because there is no polar group to react with general resin to generate bonds, the post treatment is not easy, resins hardly adhere, and color fastness to water is not ideal.

8. Select only cationic antistatic for PP rubs out negative charges rather than positive by PET &NYLON

9. PP is flammable, weaker than PET& NYLON; Agent is added if flame retardance is needed is needed.

10. PP is more likely to cause photo-oxidative degradation than PE&NYLION, so stabilizers are added to fabrics to stand high ultra u2013violet exposure outdoors, but for general apparel usage this is unnecessary.

Changzhou countries special chemical fiber Co., LTD is a star, and fine denier polyester superfine polypropylene products such as the professional production process of private limited liability company, the company is headquartered in jiangsu changzhou wujin district of QianHuangZhen zhaiqiao industrial clusters,

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