2B Alternative For Leg - Professional Calves Slimming Formula

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2B Alternative For Leg

- Aim at Muscular type & Dropsy type calves

Product Feature
2B Alternative is actually designed for relaxing the lower leg muscles. However, in order to achieve the best effectiveness of the 2B Alternative, we have to be careful of the different body types which different people have. The body condition can be divided into 2 different types: muscular type, and dropsy type. The 2B Alternative can bring relief to muscle and shaping body lines, can enhance the metabolism, and burn extra body fats.

For Muscular type:

Argireline solution can relax the muscle tension which can help the skin elastic and smooth out the body lines and decrease the development of fine wrinkle, it can carry away the fatty cells that have being metabolized. Caffeine can also help the blood circulation and metabolism which help to burn the extra body fat and help fat metabolism.

For dropsy type:

Guarana Extract and caffeine can enhance the blood circulation and metabolism. Caffeine also has the diuretic function which will help body to get rid of extra water content inside the body.
Product Specification / Models

Do not use on any skin injury part:

1. For sensitive skin type, please test on small area first to find out any sensitive reaction occurs.

2. For external use only and please keep out the reach of children.

3. When using the slimming gel, please keep out the facial part and breast part. If any sensitive reaction occurs, please stop using it and seek for medical advice.

4. This product can conserve for 2 years with completely seal. But after unsealing, please finish using the product in 6 months in order to keep its best quality.

5. This product contains high concentration of herbal extract, pregnant women are not recommend using this product.

Application / Models
How to use it:

Continuously use for about 2~4 weeks, you can feel the improvement of skin elastic tissue and also the firmness of your skin surface. Also, it can achieve a better body shape and lines.


Aqua, Menthol essence, Lavender extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline solution, Guarana Extract, L-carnitiue, Ginseng Extract

Other Information
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2B Alternative:
Professional beauty treatment for a targeted region of body, inspire you every part of body matters.

2B Alternatives believe in every body part matters, a woman's state of beauty is directly related to state of her every single body part, which require a Unique, Professional, and Focus solution. For the whole can only be perfected by the part.

Too much Total Solution and One-Stop Products which can not deliver result and ignore an essential beauty and slimming focus, as fat in waist, chewing muscle in face, muscle in leg, puffiness in body are problems built up by different types of fat tissue, so can not solved by one single product. But it NOW has solution, because you got an option for choosing 2B.

2B Alternatives was inspired by years of medical research and latest technological breakthrough that helped shape the trend of skincare treatment, and slimming solutions that currently offered in top plastic surgery and dermatology practices. 2B Alternatives will bring you the fastest, the accurate, and the focus professional treatment on its collection of product.

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