300W400W 12V24V Vertical Wind Turbines Permanet Magnet Alternator

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WS-WT400W small vertical axis wind generator applies to those places where the wind source is better and inconvenient utility electricity, especially hybrid wind/solar power system, which can partly or completely replace utility electricity to meet requirements of various appliances within its rated output power. it has features of small size, light weight, low cut-in speed, free-maintenance , high reliability, easy installation, long lifetime, etc, especially in urban construction, using wind/solar hybrid lighting power system, it can not only make use of green energy but also adds a beautiful bright landscape.
Product Feature
The advanced pneumatic Guoxue design, natural wind to start

High strength, corrosion-resistant special aluminum alloy

Vibration, quiet design

Product Specification / Models
1. Unique design, beautiful appearance.

2. Low fan speed, good stability and avoid harm to birds and make humanization come true.

3. Wind turbine start from low wind speed, small start drad to achieve low wind power generation.

4. Strong wind-resistant, the shroud can air, so that fans generate electricity with breeze wind truly.

5. accuratly recognizing charing voltage, current of wind turbine, and has safe complete multi-fan brake protection system.

6. Using high-tech material and no worries after use for a long time.
Application / Models
WS-WT 300W small axis vertical wind generator can be widely used for dispersed households,post,meteorological,road,landscape,residential lighting and controling,communication base stations,ship and other fields. Its unique advantages in urban road construction, landscaping and other government lighting fields is very conspicuous. It not only makes full use of nature energy but also add beautiful nature landscape.

A. wind/solar hybrid street lighting power system.

B.industry,agriculture,business,university,military,animals,forestry,fishing lighting power system,etc.

C. communication base station

D. road monitoring

E. household
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