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Product Description
Spiral wound gasket is formed by preloading with corrugated metal and nonmetal with alternating overlapping spiral wound made, and add reinforcement ring according to working conditions. Because it has multi-channel sealing, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, less demanding on the flange sealing surface roughness and other characteristics, so it is widely used in power stations, aviation, petrochemical, valves and other industries.

Medium: steam, hydrogen, natural gas, pyrolysis gas, oil, acid, alkali, salt solutions, etc.
Product Feature

1, spiral wound gasket has good compression rate and resilience.

2, spiral wound gasket with the appropriate plasticity, after pressing the sealing surface can adapt to uneven sealing surface and fill the gap, in order to ensure good sealing performance in case of a system of alternating temperature and pressure.

3, spiral wound gasket has good tensile strength and elongation.

4, spiral wound gasket has excellent corrosion resistance, it will not be destroyed in some extreme medium, does not produce a large expansion and contraction.

5, spiral wound gasket does not soften at high temperatures, do not creep; non-hardening at low temperatures, does not shrink.

6, spiral wound gasket with sufficient strength, under external loading conditions, not to be crushed; under high pressure, not to be blown out.
Product Specification / Models
YDAJ basic mode

Consists of a metal belt and filling material wrapped, applicable to the concave and convex flanges, mortise flange and groove flange.

YDBJ ring

The addition of the metal inner ring on the basic type as the pressure retaining body, also fill the flange and sealing of the inner edge of the air

Gap, the design can prevent the solid accumulation, reduce fluid impact, and make the flange surface erosion to minimize.

YDC type outer ring

Using the outer ring, the gasket can be placed in the center of the flange accurately, well provide additional stress to prevent the gasket burst, into

A compression check point. Generally applicable to the plane and raised face flanges.

YDD type of inner and outer ring

Add in the inner outer ring based on internal compression as a stopping point, also be resistance body heat and corrosion, protection

The pad plate sealing surface of flange, to prevent corrosion. Suitable for the plane and raised face flanges, especially in high temperature and high pressure work conditions.

Application / Models

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u00a0u00a0u00a0 Fu00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0 Ctu00a0Abbreviation


u00a0 304SSt-320t-195t1400t760t304

u00a0 306LSSt-150t-100t1400t760t316L

u00a0 321SSt-320t-195t1400t760t321

u00a0 347SSt-320t-195t1700t925t347

u00a0u00a0 WCBt-40t-40t100t540tCRS

u00a0 20 Cb-3(Alloy)t-300t-185t1400t760tA-20



u00a0 INCOLOY800t-150t-100t1600t870tIn800

u00a0 INCONEI600t-150t-100t2000t1090tINC600

u00a0 INCONELu00d7750t-150t-100t2000t1090tINX

u00a0 MONEL400t-200t-130t1500t820tMON

u00a0u00a0 Nickel 200t-320t-195t1400t760tNi

u00a0u00a0 Titaniumt-320t-195t2000t1090tTi

Filling materialu00a0temperature resistanceu00a0performance table

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Flexible graphitet-350t-212t950t510tu00a0F.G.



Non asbestost-184t-120t482t250tTNA
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