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Housing high-simulation model LCD TV models, such as furniture, plasma TV hall simulation model is A new appliance model simulation, and the market share of plasma TV, like the appearance, with the same and the production of LCD TV technology image fidelity. Is our store for the furniture industry and the exhibition hall, a model housing estate, photography and photo studio, advertising companies, sound companies, television companies, as well as display cabinets to display companies to provide comprehensive simulation occasion jewelry, home decorations, supporting services such as display items.

Product specifications

Simulation of 42-inch TV model specifications: 1070 * 130 * 745

42-inch television model simulation Packaging: 1130 * 345 * 875

Product Weight: 10KG

Product material: plastic, metal, acrylic board (PMMA)

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Popular occasions

The furniture industry, the company's store furniture, furniture shopping malls, exhibition of furniture and so on;

Housing real estate industry a model of soft decoration, decoration design soft display, design display;

Audio industry exhibition hall, exhibition hall stores;

Advertising advertising carrier;

Photographic film and television industry props, background.

Three major advantages

1, the best kind of alternative life-like effect;

2, the display of the lowest cost of electrical accessories;

3, is not afraid of a collision, not easy to break, placing a long time, durable.

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32''Dummy TV Prop(fake Television Prop) for showroom design exhibition display

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