32 series Servo Shaft Tubular Linear Motor

Minimum Order
Product Description

● Peak:200-500N

● Continous: 66-170N

Maximum Velocity

● Up to 5m/s

Built-in Feedback

● Can built-in position sensor

● Three differential sin wave signals displaced by 120 degrees or A quad B square wave . +5VDC supply.

● industry standard 1V pk-pk sin/cos signals is Optional.

● Maximum 4 micron resolution and 8 micron repeatability.

Range of motion

● 5mm-1400mm


● 32 series forcer: W*H:80*59mm Rod diameter:32mm


● Packaging

● Material Handling

● Automated Assembly

● Bio-medical

● Semiconductor and Robot

The OEM advantage

● Reliable and cost-effecitve

● Flexible position control

● High speed and acceleration

● Clean,quiet operation

● No maintenance or adjustment

The ServoShaft Actuator and component is an optimal solution for industrial position control. Faster than a ballscrew with the clean reliability of a linear forcer, ServoShaft Actuator and component is a cost-effective alternative to air cylinders in applications requiring greater flexibility and control.

The ServoShaft Actuator and component incorporates an IP67 rated forcer and a sealed stainless steel thaft rod enclosing rare-earth magnets. This model deliver a continuous force range of 66~170 N with peak forces up to 500 N . customized stroke lengths are available from5~1400 mm.

The patented magnetic design of ServoShaft Actuator and component generates 8 micron repeatability and 400 micron accuracy from a non-contact, integral position sensor. No external encoder is required. Position output is Three differential sin wave signals displaced by 120 degrees or A quad B square wave . +5VDC supply.

For ServoShaft Actuator an internal dry bearing provides clean, quiet, maintenance-free performance. Life expectancy far exceeds typical ballscrew solutions.

The ServoShaft Actuator and component is ideal for push/pull/lift material handling, packaging and automated assembly applications. ServoShaft accepts a range of industry standard accessories for simple mechanical integration.

Other Information
Electrical specifications

32 series

ParameterstUnit t3204t3205t3206t3207t3208t3209t3210

Peak forcetNt199.6t249.2t298.8t348.4t398t447.6t498.3

Continuous forcetNt66.5t83.1t99.6t116.1t132.7t149.2t166.1

Peak currenttAt7.5t7.5t7.5t7.5t7.5t7.5t7.5

Continuous currenttAt2.5t2.5t2.5t2.5t2.5t2.5t2.5

Force constanttN/Armst22.2t27.7t33.2t38.7t44.2t49.7t55.4

Back EMF constanttVpk/m/st18.1t22.6t27.1t31.6t36.1t40.6t45.2

Max speedtm/st4t4t4t4t4t4t4

Peak accelerationtm/s/st200t200t200t200t200t200t200

Max stroketmmt1400t1383t1366t1349t1332t1315t1298

Forcer W*H*Ltmmt80*59*119t80*59*136t80*59*153t80*59*170t80*59*187t80*59*204t80*59*221

Rod diametertmmt32t32t32t32t32t32t32

Built-in sensortumt5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25t5-25


Inductance(phase to phase)tmHt0.8t1t1.2t1.4t1.6t1.8t2

Resistance(phase to phase)tomigat1.76t2.2t2.64t3.1t3.52t3.96t4.4

Pole pitchtmmt34t34t34t34t34t34t34

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