36V28ah Lead Acid Battery/Golf Battery (6-DZM-28)

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Product Description
Product Description

Bike battery, golf battery, marine battery, power wheel battery, leisure battery, lawn tractor battery, forklift battery, lawn mower battery

Product Features:

1: Mileage long: The endurance mileage than a similar battery of the market increased by 15%;

2: Long life: 8% longer service life than similar batteries;

3: Environmental cadmium: Cadmium-free green;


1: The same group use the same tank battery, not to the different specifications, different manufacturers, mix old and new batteries;

2: Avoid positive and negative short-circuit;

3: Avoid battery protection voltage used again;

4: Use process should avoid strong vibration or mechanical damage;

5: Do not charge and discharge using the process beyond the scope of technical parameters (voltage, current) requirements;

6: Keep away from heat, sources of ignition, avoid direct sunlight;

7: Keep out of reach of children;

8: Battery maintenance process to avoid the sulfuric acid solution stick to the eyes or skin, such as the occasional occurrence of stains skin, clothing, immediately with plenty of water; Serious to be taken to the hospital for treatment;

9: Do not use chemical cleaning agent to clean the battery;

10: Abandoned old battery should be stored centrally to the designated location or recovered by the battery manufacturers;

11: The battery for the electric car batteries, such as used for other purposes, please consult the manufacturer.

Common Faults and exclusion:

1: Electric car battery need to maintain it?

A: The need to. Battery during the charging process will produce a hydrogen-oxygen gas, most of the gas within the battery compound into the water, only a small portion of the gas through the relief valve discharge the battery for a long time will cause the battery to water loss. So your electric car in use

8-10 months after charging power box hot best to battery operation shop or repair shop plus liquid maintenance

2: Electric bicycles continue the mileage short battery problem?

A: Not necessarily. When the battery aging, decreased capacity, continue the mileage will be short, but the following does not belong to the battery problem will lead to continued mileage shorter:

1) When the motor efficiency drops, doing useful work increases, a waste of electricity, to continue the mileage shorter;

2) inferior charger to charge the battery every day due to charge, the battery capacity is insufficient continue the mileage dropped shorter;

3) controller adverse electric cars starting current is too large, long starting times wasting electricity, resulting in electric car continued line shorter;

4) poor quality of electric vehicles all moving parts of the coefficient of friction is too large or too mechanical transmission resistance can be wasteful power, and lead to continued mileage shorter

3: Summer use of electric vehicles should pay attention to what matters?

A: 1) Avoid high temperature and sun exposure charge in a high temperature environment is strictly prohibited;

2) avoid traveling at high temperatures immediately after charging, to prevent long charging time (normal 8 hours);

3) when the battery is charging power box hot, or not to green light, it is timely to battery operation shop or repair shop for inspection and maintenance of the battery or charger;

4: Winter use of electric vehicles will appear what circumstances, how to avoid?

A: 1) the use of electric vehicles in winter you will feel Continued trip mileage decreased more obvious (Northern), this is a normal phenomenon;

2) due to the low temperature environment next to the battery charge acceptance ability to reduce, Furthermore electrolyte viscosity increase, an electrochemical reaction resistance increases, resulting in the decline in battery capacity. Therefore, you should avoid use in winter outdoor electric cars on overnight charging in a low temperature environment;

Product Feature
Basic Info.

Model NO.: 6-DZM-28

Type: Lead-Acid Batteries

Chargeable: Chargeable

Discharge Rate: Low Discharge Rate

Shape: Square Battery

Nominal Voltage: 36V

Usage: Electric Power

Export Markets: Global


Additional Info.

Trademark: XUPAI

Packing: by Carton Box with Wooden Pallet

Standard: CE

Origin: Jiangsu, China

Production Capacity: 25000PCS Per Day

Xupai plays an important role in the field of new energy. We make outstanding performance on full range of products' R&D and manufacturing, such as electric power-assisted vehicle batteries, electric motorbike batteries, electric car batteries, wind&light -complementary batteries, UPS batteries etc. We also have rich R&D and production experience in many fileds of energy storage, such as new-energy cars, submarines, solar and wind energy power stations, telecommunications base stations, and smart grids etc. In lead acid batteries manufacturing technology area, our company is one of the few skilled manufacturers in container formation technology and can produce in large scale. Our batteries are cadmium and arsenic free, which are in the leading position among similar domestic products

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