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Boiler Characteristics:

1.tThe arched tube plate and screw thread smoke tube build up the boiler drum so that the boiler has high heat transfer efficiency, boosts fast, strong output and the smoke tube is hard to accumulate dust, which solve the problem of tube plate crack.

2.tEliminate the stagnant water area in the bottom of the boiler barrel to improve the water recycling effect. These can prevent the boiler barrel bulge at the bottom.

3.tAll welding combining are processed by large mechanical and special processing of high temperature region bundle to ensure the welding quality and service life. Easy burning and adapt to various fuel: soft coal, blind coal and bio-fuel.

4.tCompact structure, small size, saving construction investment,easy to install, after connecting the valve, water, electricity and pipeline, it will work.

5.tStable operation, easy to adjustment, unique design of air prevention that can bank up a fire for a long time.

6.tIt has a function of dust reduction, dust emission accord to the requirements of the state environmental protection standard

Principle of layered branch to coal combustion:

Row coal go through the coal quantity adjustment plate inside the coal bucket firstly, through the rotating coal feeding roller secondly, be scattered in the steel-made sifter thirdly, then the sifter will make the raw coal spread evenly over the grater according to their size(large, medium,small) so that the row coal inside the furnace form a coal bed that has small upper part, large lower part, even and flat and automatic branch. And then formed distinct ridge shape coal seam, the coal seam of small upper part and large lower part has small ventilation resistance and large fire area that make the coal ignition advance, oxidation reaction and combustion speed up.

Tehnical Characteristics:

-tBe equipped with automatic cleaning device for coal feeding roller to make the coal feeding clean

-tThe view of the sifter can be adjusted according to the humidity of coal and different particle size of coal, the sifter have vibration function to avoid the blocking

-tBe equipped with automatic protective device for coal blockage, once the branch of the rollers got stuck, the automatic protective will operate, protecting the drive part and layered facilities.

-tBe equipped with adjustment plate of coal quantity, making coal quantity adjustment convenient and accurate.

-tBe equipped with doors and holes on the coal bucket which are convenient for the examination and repair.

Technological Advantages:

-tThe shape of large lower part and small upper part and ridge-shaped coal bed has small ventilation resistance, which also can increase the fire area by 30-50%, fire coal fast, burn evenly, improve the furnace temperature, increase output, enhance by 10-15% thermal efficiency than the ordinary chain rate boiler and increase boiler output by 10-20%

-tCinder has lower carbon content, reduce by 15-20% than the ordinary chain grate boiler and save coal about 10%, decline the power of draft fan.

-tRaw coal burns fully, black smoke reduces significantly, its Ringelmann blackness below one grade.

-tImprove the coal adaptability, burn low quality coal which with low volatilizes, meanwhile, decrease in the amount of coal leakage.

-tThe amount of coal reduces during feeding slag, needless to fan the flames, auxiliary equipements failure reduces, and also reduces the fireman labor intensity.

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China Xinda International Group Co.,Ltd. is a branch of Xinxiang Xinda Boiler Container Co., Ltd. We focus on the design and production of boilers. The main products include coal fired boilers, biomass fired boilers, CFB circulating Fluidized StChina Xinda International Group Co., Ltd.eam Bed Boilers, oil gas fired boilers, thermal oil heaters and some boiler accessories. These boilers are environment-friendly and energy-saving. Our products have been approved by the Provincial Environment Department. Our boilers have been widely used in many kinds of industrial production areas for steam supplying, such as textile industry, dyeing mills, sugar industry, chemical factories, paper factories, food industry, etc. Hot water boilers are widely used in all kinds of heating applications, such as schools, hospitals, military industry and other commercial operations.

We have more than 50 years' experience in boiler field, the products have been exported to a lot of countries and areas, such as Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia, Africa, Latin America, etc. We can offer you perfect after-sale service. Welcome visit our factory.

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