4000W 48V DC to 110v 230v AC Low Frequency Hybrid Solar Inverter with Wheels, LCD Display

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Product Description
MRC Series solar inverter is a combination of RA inverter and solar charger. The MRC pure sine wave inverter not only makes your solar system simple in wiring, but also has all the unique features from the inverter and solar charger.

Product Feature
MRC pure sine wave inverter adopts low quiescent current, and power saver mode to reduce power consumption to 10W(3s sensing cycle)/3W(30s sensing cycle) . It can extract max. power from various batteries with different protections.

High overload ability of our MRC charger is up to 300% rated power(20 sec.), and low voltage trip 9.5V/10V or 10V/10.5V is selectable.

Our MRC solar charger can achieve reverse current protection and battery temperature compensation, with the high efficiency MPPT function(97%). Auto input DC voltage can be detected between 12V/24V.

Our MRC pure sine wave inverter supports 3-step intelligent battery charging, and equips with 8 preset battery type selector for totally flat batteries. Its powerful charge rate up to 90Amp. In addition, PFC (power factor correction) is adopted for charger, which has less power consumption than conventional units.

LCD status display, USB communication port, battery/AC priority switch are available for our MRC pure sine wave inverter, it also has 17 alarms/warnings for easier operation and trouble-shooting, and ability to switch the unit on/off. In addition, select/deselect power saver mode can be used too.

The MRC solar charger has 15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, and the function of overload protection when it equips with generator. Also, it allows start up and through power with depleted batteries.

Product Specification / Models
tModeltMRC 1000WtMRC 2000WtMRC 3000WtMRC 4000WtMRC 5000WtMRC 6000W

Output (Inverter Mode)tContinuous Output Powert1000Wt2000Wt3000Wt4000Wt5000Wt6000W

tSurge Ratingt3000Wt6000Wt9000Wt12000Wt15000Wt18000W

tOutput WaveformtPure sine wave/same as input(bypass mode)ttttt

tNominal Efficiencyt>88%(peak)ttttt

tLine Mode Efficiencyt>95%ttttt

tPower Factort0.9-1.0ttttt

tNominal Outputu00a0Voltage rmst120/230VACttttt

tOutput Voltage Regulationtu00b110% rmsttttt

tOutput Frequencyt50Hz u00b1 0.3Hz/60Hz u00b1 0.3Hzttttt

tShort Circuit ProtectiontYes( 10s after fault )ttttt

tTypical Line Stansfer Timet10ms(max.)ttttt


DC InputtNominal Input Voltaget12Vtt24Vtt48Vt

tMinimum Start Voltaget10Vtt20Vtt40Vt

tLow Battery Alarmt10.5Vtt21Vtt42Vt

tLow Battery Tript10Vtt20Vtt40Vt

tHigh Voltage Alarmt16Vtt32Vtt64Vt

tLow Battery Voltage Recovert13Vtt26Vtt52Vt

tIdle Consumption-Search Modet< 25W when power saver onttttt

AC ChargertInput Voltage Ranget95-127VACttC194-243VACtt164-243VAC(W)t

tOutput VoltagetDepends on battery typettttt

tMax Charge Ratet35A / 70Attttt

tBattery Initial Voltage for Startupt0-15.7V for 12V( *2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)ttttt

tOver Charge Protection Shutdownt15.7V for 12V (*2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)ttttt

tCharger curve(4 stage constant current), battery types 4 step digital controlled progressive chargetttttt

tBattery typetFast V, float V ( *2 for 24v, *4 for 48v)ttttt

tGel U.S.At14ttt13.7tt

tA.G.M 1t14.1ttt13.4tt

tA.G.M 2t14.6ttt13.7tt

tSealed Lead Acidt14.4ttt13.6tt

tGel Eurot14.4ttt13.8tt

tOpen Lead Acidt14.8ttt13.3tt


tDe-sulphationt15.5 for 4hrsttttt

tRemote ControltYes. Optionalttttt

Bypass & ProtectiontInput Voltage WaveformtSine wave (grid or generator)ttttt

tNominal Voltaget120VACttt230VACtt

tLow Voltage Tript90Vu00b14%ttt184V/154Vu00b14%tt

tLow Voltage Re-engaget100Vu00b14%ttt194V/164Vu00b14%tt

tHigh Voltage Tript140Vu00b14%ttt253Vu00b14%tt

tHigh Voltage Re-engaget135Vu00b14%ttt243Vu00b14%tt

tMax. Input AC Voltaget150VACttt270VACtt

tNominal Input Frequencyt50Hz or 60Hz (auto detect)ttttt

tLow Freq Tript47Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 50Hz, 57Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 60Hzttttt

tLow Freq Re-engaget48Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 50Hz, 58Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 60Hzttttt

tHigh Freq Tript55Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 50Hz, 65Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 60Hzttttt

tHigh Freq Re-engaget54Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 50Hz, 64Hzu00b1 0.3Hz for 60Hzttttt

tOverload ProtectiontCircuit breakerttttt

tShort Circuit ProtectiontCircuit breakerttttt

tTransfer Switch Ratingt30ampttt40amptt

tBypass Without Battery ConnectedtYesttttt

tMax. Bypass Currentt30ampttt40amptt

tBypass Over Load Currentt35amp: alarmttt45amp: alarmtt

Solar ChargertRated Voltaget12Vttt24Vtt

tRated Charge Currentt40Attttt

tRated Output Currentt15Attttt

tSelf Consumptiont< 10mA(at idle)ttttt

tBulk Charget14.5V(default)ttt29.0V(default)tt

tFloating Charget13.5V(default)ttt27.0V(default)tt

tEqualization Charget14.0V(default)ttt28.0V(default)tt

tOver Charge Disconnectiont14.8Vttt29.6Vtt

tOver Charge Recoveryt13.6Vttt27.2Vtt

tOver Discharge Disconnectiont10.8 V(default)ttt21.6V(default)tt

tOver Discharge Reconnectiont12.3Vttt24.6Vtt


tAmbient Temperaturet0-40u00b0C(full load) 40-60u00b0C(derating)ttttt

Mechanical SpecificationstMountingtWall mountttttt

tInverter Dimensions(L*W*H)t598*218*179mmttt470*190*340mmtt

tInverter Weightt21KGt23KGt27KGt38KGt48KGt48KG

tShipping Dimensions(L*W*H)t740*315*300mmttt530*240*390mmtt

tShipping Weightt23KGt25KGt29KGt40KGt50KGt50KG

tDisplaytStatus LEDs / status LEDs+LCDttttt

tStandard Warrantyt2 yearsttttt
Application / Models
MRC series pure sine wave inverter is uesd for home/house/car/travel/solar power system etc.
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4000W 48V DC to 110v 230v AC Low Frequency Hybrid Solar Inverter with Wheels, LCD Display
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4000W Modify Sine Wave DC to AC Solar Power Inverter (HYD-4000W)

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