42'' Dummy TV Props(Fake display tv) for showroom decorations exhibition design art

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Product Description
Dummy TV Props(Fake TV / TV Impostors), a kind of Fake electronic props make by Kingleader, belonging to Home Stagers(Interior Decorators, Furniture Store Owners, Model Home Decorators), is a kind of today's fast growing category of sight art.
Product Feature
The characteristic of Fake TV Props: 1. The Fake TV Props mainly adopts plastic ,PVC,etc,as its material; 2. There are light inside the Fake TV Props, which make the Fake TV Props look like having been turnt on; 3. There's no picture and usually no light in the Fake TV Props of black screen,to show that the TV has been turnt off; 4. The Fake Plasma TV Props can be hung on the wall as a real one; 5. According to meet the need of the customer, the appearance and the screen of the Fake TV Props can be made accurately, fasionally, and flexibly; 6. Low price-about 5% of real product, or less than that; 7. Not afraid of being hit, cann't be easily broken, don't need to be taken care and specail protection. It is very suitable for display occasion; 8. It can be easily used, taken apart, and combined again;
Product Specification / Models
Name: KT8742(42''Fake display TV Props) Size: 1000*610*50(mm)Materials: Plastic+Acrylic Screen(black)
Application / Models
Who need Fake TV Props?→furniture store or furniture stage→model home→Home Stagers→Interior Decorators→Furniture Store Owners→Model Home Decorators
Other Information
Three Main advantage:No.1: It was really effective and fashional that it can take the place of real thing.No.2: Cost you least on your electronic display.No.3: Can be hit strongly, cann't be easily broken,taking care for your customers.
Decorating a model home, furniture store or stage? We have what you need to make your products look more attractive to the potential buyer.
Home theater displays can be exciting and engaging or they can be dull and lifeless, and all too often it's the latter. Kingleader is a collection of realistic home theater props that allows your customers to truly visualize how their home theater will look when fully decked out with the latest technology. Inspired by the designs of some of today's most popular electronics, it's hard to tell that they aren't the real things!
Home theater furniture is one of today's fastest growing categories. It's time to get rid of the plastic boxes that look like TVs that are 20 years old. Kingleader pieces are home theater impostors that add value to your displays, enhance the look of your showroom, and boost your sales in this important category.
ShenZhen Kingleader? Furniture Decorations Co,.Ltd is the leading company in producing high quality impostors of electronic appliances(Fake Electronic Props) for housing decoration and sighting art. We make great efforts in producing and providing high quality standing decorations for a range of different customers. We also make great efforts in enriching housing culture, making showing environments more attractive, improving sighting effects and decreasing showing costs. According to the specific needs of the showing occasion we create a range of impostors including televisions, acoustic appliances, computers, books, fruit, food, pianos etc. We aim to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers and enrich their showing art.
The other main products of Kingleader? are LCD and plasma TV mounts and hardware parts. Kingleader? have got the GS and CE certificates (75 / 100 / 200). Our LCD and Plasma TV, include small (13" - 24"), medium (23" - 37"), large (42" - 63") and flat panel mount can absolutely match with all VESA standards . Some items are optimal for adjustment of screen by 180 degrees.
"keeping improving, quality first, pursuing perfection" are the three main principles of Kingleader?. Meanwhile we consider it a responsibility to our customers to portray real housing environments and develop high quality products for decorations. Based on our rich experience in furniture decoration , our company aims to satisfy and please a range of different customers, from furniture and decorating companies to advertisers and showcases.
The Products of Kingleader? include:
Fake TV Props(Impostors TV,Dummy TV Props)
Fake Computer(Impostors Computer,Dummy Computer)
Fake Laptop(Impostors Laptop,Dummy Laptop)

Fake Books(Impostors Books,Dummy Books)
Fake Fruits(Impostors Fruits,Dummy Fruits)

Fake Foods(Impostors Foods,Dummy Foods)

Kingleader? furniture decorations expect the support and Co-operation from all circles, and sincerely welcome your inquiries and guidance.
WebSite: http://www.dummy-decoration.com
Tel: 86-020-29832797
Skype: kingleader008

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