5-24V Brushless DC Pump, 1560LPH 15M, with Speed Controller, Suitable for Solar Power SYS

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5-24V Brushless DC Pump, 1560LPH 15M, with Speed Controller, Suitable for Solar Power SYS


DC50 Series has three sub-series and many sub-models. Sub-series “T” has same theory as DC30 Series and DC40 Series. Sub-series “S” and “A” used the most advanced sensorless control technology instead of Hall sensor. We called this technology as “DC three-phase”.

“DC three-phase” use same general DC power source as other DC water pumps. But it put all the circuit board out of the pump body, in an independent control box. So the pump could resist higher temperature, the pump could use higher current. Then it could achieve better performance.

At the meanwhile, the pump could be added many complex program control functions and could resist higher environment temperature.


  1.  Small size with high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-jamming ability, stable performance.
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  3.  Brushless DC magnetic driving technology with no pollution static seal structure, Never need to worry about leakage.
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  5.  Use high-performance ceramics shaft and high-precision carbon fiber sleeve together to guarantee a long lifespan.
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  7.  The pump could run with wide range working voltage, you can adjust the input voltage to control the pump performance.
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  9.  The pump is suitable for a long time continuous working and with a long lifespan more than 20000 hours.
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  11.  Safety – no spark, Explosion-proof; Low noise about 40dB; Low or No Maintenance-free; Submersible, 100% waterproof.
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  13.  Sub-series “S” and “A” used soft start with low in-rush current, it is great for the solar system.


Our circulation pumps are ideal for various general, commercial and industrial applications. Such as electric automotive cooling systems, automated equipment water cycle, water cooling and other electrical appliances, water dispenser, sanitary products, paper shredders, soilless cultivation, plumbing mattresses, air pump, aquarium fish tank,desktop crafts, foot bath, plumbing mattresses, water heaters, PC water cooling, water cooling fan, medical devices, pharmaceutical systems, chemical circulation systems,cooling system, water-cooled air-conditioning, water cooling fan, mobile bath, solar fountain, solar circulation system, water supply systems, small irrigation systems, water treatment systems,  automobile circulation systems, automotive heating systems, machine tools, household appliances, kitchen appliances, bathroom products, hot water circulation system.

Usage Note

  1.  Overvoltage, reverse polarity wiring is not allowed (except customized model).
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  3.  The pump is not self-priming, it must be installed under the liquid level or submersible.
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  5.  The dry operation for a long time will damage the pump.
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  7.  Ensure the liquid clear, Prohibit impurities entering the pump.

Specifications (Model:DC50F-24150A) 

Size: 109x91x71.5 mmWeight: 600g
Inlet: 1/2 inch thread (20mm)Outlet: 1/2 inch thread (20mm)
Material: Engineering PlasticsHeat Resistance: 0~100°C
Rated Voltage: DC 24VRated Current: 3.6A
Static Head: 15 metersFlow Rate: 1560L/H
Life Span: 30000 hrsWorking: Continuous
Plug: 5.5×2.1mm DC PlugCable Length: 1.5 meters
Water Proof: 100%Submersible: Yes
Driven: Brushless MagneticNoise: about 40dB
Self-priming: NoSpeed Adjustable: Yes

Product Details 



We, the BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd., are a water pump manufacturing company who specializes in small water pumps. We ship special purpose water pumps to manufacturers, retailer, and companies worldwide. We are based in the technological heaven of Shenzhen, China.

At BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd., we provide you the best water pumps of all sizes suited for all your needs. Our high-quality electric water pumps are specially designed to work for long hours in submerged or circulating environments. Equipped with brushless DC motors, the pumps are waterproof, with no current leakage. The magnetically driven motors produce high torque without any sparks with very low electromagnetic interference and quiet operations. They are very efficient, reliable and can work uninterrupted for hours with a long working lifespan.

The specialized water pumps can be used in a number of industrial machines, office equipment, automobiles and household appliances without worrying about any safety and quality issues. In industries and offices, they can be used in circulating cooling systems, cars/automobiles coolant pumping, filling stations, pools, and other industrial machines etc. In homes, the BLDC water pumps can be used in applications, such as aquariums, small fountains, landscaping features, solar water systems, small irrigation systems, water treatment equipment, etc.

We make sure that our products provide best quality and standard to its customers. We are open to working as OEM/ODM for our customers worldwide with our global drop shipping delivery with competitive direct selling prices. Looking forward to a healthy business relationship with you!

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