5.5kW GK6005.5G/7.5LB v/f and sensorless vector control 3 phase motor variable frequency drive

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   Technical specifications

Product Feature
Gtake brand inverter are good alternative ABB's ACS550, the features below::1.Adopt TI's DSP, and Infineon's 4th generation IGBT module.2.Thick three-proofing lacquer coated for bad working condition.3.Main and auxiliary settings and switch over.4.v/f separated control mode, the output voltage and frequency can be set separately. It's helpful for the variable frequency power supply and torque motor application.5.Parameter copying(upload and download) function6.Two sets of motor parameters could be configured, easily run two motor alternately by the control panel.7. Under vector control with PG, running zero-servo, main axis position control, feed-forward control, pulse serial position control and other position control.8.Standard vector control in open-loop-Precise speed control-Under V/F control mode, accurate current limit control makes inverter free of over current alarm or protection whenever the motor is fast speed up, slow down or blocked.
Application / Models
For water pump, fan, textile machinery, wire drawing machine, lathe,injection molding machine,dynamic drive, chemical fiber industry,iron industry, hoisting machinery
Other Information
Mail: gtakeit@163.comhttp://en.gtake.com.cn
GTAKE was founded in September, 2009.The initial investment was RMB 20 million. And now it has been increased to RMB40 million.We privde AC motor users an economic and high performance solutions in AC motor speed drive/frequency inverter.Technology Team over 40 engineers were come from EMERSON Electric and HUAWEI Technologies.We are professional on making Low voltage(0...480vAC) motor drive and wind power generation converter(1.5Mw;2.0Mw). Contact: Peter Tsu Mail: gtakeit@163.com

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Main Product:
AC motor frequency inverter drive
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Power input
Rated voltage
3-phase AC380V/AC400V/AC415V/AC440V/AC460V/AC480V
Rated input current  13A
50Hz/60Hz, fluctuation range ±5%
Allowable range of voltage
Continuous voltage fluctuation ±10%, short fluctuation -15%~+10%, i.e. 323V~528V;
Voltage out-of-balance rate <3%, distortion rate as per the requirements of IEC61800-2
Power output
Standard applicable motor (kW) 5.5kw
Rated current (A)
Output voltage (V)
3-phase: 0~ rated input voltage, error < ±3%
Output frequency (Hz)
0.00~ 600.00Hz; unit: 0.01Hz
Overload capacity
150% - 1min; 180% - 10s; 200% - 0.5s
Torque Control Mode
Variable torque / Light load
Internal break unit Yes
Measurement (mm)
Width, Height, Depth 145,  280,  179
Net weight (kg)
Operational control characteristics
Control mode
V/f control
Vector control
Range of speed regulation
1:100 ( V/f control, vector control)
1:200 (vector control)
Velocity control accuracy
±0.5% (V/f control)
±0.2% (vector control)