600m full hydraulic rotary truck mounted drilling rig

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1. BZCY600BZY truck mounted water well drilling rig is our direct rotary drilling rig. The rig adopt 8x4 special rig chassis, 11.00R20 steel off-road tire tread, with good off-road performance.

2. This rig has very compact structure, the engine of chassis is adopted SINOTUCK diesel engine, the power is D10.27-40 Water-cooled four-stroke turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine 196kw(strong power)/2200rpm..

3. The drilling rig has independent diesel engine CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-C180 , 132kw. Not only meet the drilling requirements, but also reduce energy consumption, it is very affordable.

4. This rig design principle is an advanced hydraulic cylinder for drilling, stepless lift, it can be achieved automatic drilling. it can automatically adjust the drilling speed for different geological conditions.

5. The drilling process can be achieved in pressurized drilling technology, adjust different pressure for different geological conditions, and can be viewed drilling pressure by pressure gauge. At the same time, it can adjust the drilling speed.
Product Feature
6. The drilling rig can achieved fast drilling by manually, especially for soil. It can achieved different speed for different soil.

7. It has a large lifting force hydraulic main hoist, stepless lift, and to achieve release rope quickly. When upgrading heavy, the lifting speed need slow to avoid crash the turntable and wellhead board. When put down single drill pipe, operate the quick handle, it can achieved release rope quickly like mechanical hoist.

It has a hydraulic tool hoist, the tool hoist has large lifting force and quick lifting speed, it is both easy to loading drill tools, drill pipe and drill accessories transport, and can slide up and down with anchors, its very convenient to load and unload the drill pipe.

8. It has a hydraulic cylinder control double card board forward and backward, it makes the insurance card board closed, to achieve stuck or release the pipe joints.

It use integrated design of pneumatic, to achieve the 3NB-130 mud pump clutch using pneumatic remote control, it has high degree of automation and easy-saving operation.

9. It is installed 4 hydraulic legs and 2 mechanical legs, every hydraulic leg rod with locknut. After leveling the rig, it can lock the cylinder use locknut. So, even if the cylinder leaks, the chassis is not instability.

The rotary table use stir bars, internal turntable use spiral arc gear to transmission, it has large torque, it about 2 times of similar products at domestic and foreign.

10. It is installed a generator (30kw) , so that it is convenient to illuminate or work at night. There is a clutch, can on or off.

11. The hydraulic system use open system, the chassis and drilling rig are separately manipulated, it can avoid misuse. Winter oil heater and summer oil radiator are installed, to adapt to different seasons hydraulic oil for heating and cooling.

12. This drilling rig equipped with an auxiliary unloading cylinder, it can be used to promote the turntable ratchet, to achieve unloading the first thread , then reverse the rotary table to protect gear box.
Product Specification / Models
1,drill depth 600m, hole diameter 500mm;

2,kelly: 108u00d7108u00d77500mm;

3,drill rod :89u00d76000mm;

4. mast:12468mm

5,mast effective height: 11800mm;

6,mast max load: 36t;

7,main hook rated load: 32t;

8,tool winch hook rated load: 2t;

9,main winch single rope pull force: 50kN; rope capacity 130mm;

10,tool winch single rope pull force:20kN;rope capacity 40m;

11,rotary table inner diameter 500mm;

12,diesel engine:

Chassis :D10.27-40 diesel engine;

Rated power 196kw/2200rpm;

Rig :6BTA5.9-C180 diesel engine;

Rated power 132kw/2200rpm

13,rotary table speed :

Drive shaft speed on 900r/min,Dongfeng gear box gear on

Sixth gear, fifth gear, forth gear, third gear,second gear,first gear, reverse gear

Rotary speed :117;102;60; 38; 22; 13; 16.(r/min);

14,rotary table torque: ;5.4----34(kN.m);

15,3NB-130mud pump

Rated displacement: 8.4-16.6
Application / Models
The appearance of rig is pretty. It is high efficiency because of having a larger torque of the turntable and is mainly used for water well in industry and agriculture, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, geothermic well and other foundation working, it is popular at home and abroad.u00a0 u00a0
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We are state owned enterprise founded in 1953, the professional drilling machines factory. We are drilling machine in different types. Like truck mounted type, trailer mounted type,crawler mounted type, mechanical, hydraulic 100m to 1500m
Founded in 1953, Binzhou Forging and Pressing Machinery Factory is a state owned enterprise, dealing in various engineering drilling rig, water-well drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, directional drilling rig,hydraulic core drilling rig, hydraulic top head drilling rig, reverse drilling rig and forging manipulator
Email: drillingmachine001@aliyun.com

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