63 PE-PPR pipe production line

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Product Description
Feature and Function:

The screw of the extruder is equipped with barrier unit and mixing structure, and the barrel owns new style grooves. All of these offer good plastification and mixing effect. Special design of basket die head for HDPE(PP,ABS) large diameter pipe with thick wall offer lower melting temperature, good mixing, lower pressure of cavity, and stable production.

Special design for sizing and cooling system by using film and water ring to cool HDPE(PP, ABS) material, which can fit for the requirement of the requirement of HDPE(PP, ABS). And the design can ensure the stability of diameter and roundness when producing the pipe with thick wall.

Special design vacuum sizing tank can ensure the stability of size and roundness. Speed controllers are used in extruder, haul-off to offer stability and precision.

The whole line adopts PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient. The line can be equipped with another extruder used for extruding the mark line.

Product Feature
Polyethylene Pipes for Entrepreneurs

The business of an entrepreneur lies on high volume business bringing in a higher net

profitability for an entrepreneur.

Monetary gains in terms of net profitability which the entrepreneur aims at, helping the

entrepreneurs in deciding on the selection of a new product while entering into a new business forms

the major element of a business.

The other elements on which the business lies contributing to a higher net profitability is the

higher product mix leading to a higher capacity utilization and the distribution pattern.

Achieving a higher product mix with more number of products which can be produced on a

single machinery making the machinery versatile leading to a lesser dependence on a single product

would result into minimal risks in business.

New products, new applications, new end uses in high density polyethylene pipe business

contributing to the growth of the plastic processing industry bringing in a broadened horizon for the

entrepreneurs making it possible for the entrepreneurs to achieve a higher product mix would lead to a

higher net profitability.

Versatility of the extruder capable of producing products either using the same polymer or

different polymers bringing in a higher growth of the pipe industry would lead to more and more number

of new units in the country.
Product Specification / Models
SJ65-33 Extrudert

1tPower of main motort45KW,A.C motor

2tScrew speedt10~110r/min

3tBarrel screw diametert65,Screw ratio(L/D)1:33

4tHeating circle quantity(cast molybdenum)tPower:4u00d75.5KW

5tCooling medium of barreltAir cooling, Fan 4pcsu00d70.27KW

6tModel head heatingt4groups,Total power:12 KW

7tElectrical equipmentt

tThe temperature instrumenttJapan OMRON thermostats

tSpeed regulation instrumenttABB Inverter

tMeasure the fast instrumenttJanpan East Qi

tContactortFrance Schneider product

tOther Electrical equipmenttIn the homeland joint investment product

SJ25-25 colour code extrudert

1tPower of main motort0.75KW

2tBarrel screwt25,Screw ratio(L/D)1:25

3t thermostatstJanpan OMRON

4tSpeed regulation devicetDelta Taiwan

5tElectrical equipmenttSchneider

6tHeating circletStainless steel heating circle

7tFuselage heating t3 groups

Vacuum forming framet1 unit

1tVacuum forming boxtEntire vacuum gushes strain

2tVacuum forming box Lengtht6000mm

3tCaliber ranget20-63

4tvacuum pump quantityt1pc

5tvacuum pump powert4 KWu00d7 1 Jade circle

6twater pump quantityt1pc

7tWater pump powert4 KWu00d7 1 Jade circle

8tWater pump Sealing washertMachinery seals off a circle

9tThe front and back moves electric motor powert1.1KW

10tThe front and back moves ranget1000mm

11tThe front and back moves the slide way centre spurtu00b1600mm

12tSlide way type and specificationtNO.8 Light rail

13tThe front and back moves waytSilk pole drive

14tThe right and left moves rangetu00b140mm

15tCentral heightt1000u00b150mm

16tBox body-shape qualitytStainless steel

17tSheet material thicknesst4mm

18tBox cover materialtcast molybdenum

19tCooling methodtGush drench style

20tCooling MediumtChilled water

21tThe number of showert4 Roots

22tSpray nozzle(pcs)t200pcs

23tSpray nozzle Specification and shape numbert1"u00d7 4-3

24tCycle water filter(pcs)t2pcs

25tCycle water filter Specificationt1u00bd"

26tSoft drink gas separatort2pcs

27tTrusteeship waytSupport a wheel

28toutlet Hold board specificationtBe based on consumer

29tAll Fasteners, Structure document of Box bodytStainless steel

30tBox body fluid face altitude control waytFloat ball

31tWater inlet footpathtu00b11u00bd"

32tWater outlet footpatht1"

33tBox body external formtOctagon


Gush strain chillert1u00d72(2pcs)

1tThe Length of Vacuum forming boxt6000(2pcs)

2tCooling ranget20-63

3tforming box qualitytStainless steel

4tBox body-shape qualitytStainless steel

5tCentral heightt1000u00b150mm

6tWater pump powert4KW

7tThe quantity of water pumpt2

8tWater pump Sealing washertMachinery sealed off

9tpipeline and the accessory of the box innertStainless steel

10tCooling mediumtGush drench style

11tExtracorporeal pipeline of boxtZinc plating waterpipe

12tBoth ends seals off a devicetSeal off board and rubber

13tWater inlet diametert1.5"

14tWater outlet diametert1"


1tHaul-off patterntTwo claws haul-off

2tHaul-off Caterpillar tracktClamp piece

3tCutting pipe Central heightt1000u00b150(mm)

4tApply to pipe ranget20-63

5tHaul-off speedt0.5-10m

8tCompact a force adjusting waytThe pneumatic compacts adjustment

9tDrive electric motor powert1.5KW

10tThe length of the caterpillar track touchingt950mm

11tThe width Caterpillar track t100mm

12tThe caterpillar track opens appropriatet100mm

13tAir compression pressuret0.4-0.6Mpa

14tThe form of haul-off work piece tHard circular tube

15tThe caterpillar track is about synchro waytBi-motor

16tCompact cylinder boret100

17tClamping block Assembly and Disassembly waytscrew

18tShieldstTempered glass

19tElectric motor speed regulation waytDelta Invert

20tPneumatic componenttchenfeng

21tMain low electrical equipmenttSchneider


1tCutting formtno crumbs cutting

2tCutting ranget20-63

3tMove rack displacement route or distance of travelt1000

4tMaximal cutting thicknesst12mm

5tRevolution electric motor powert1.5KW

6tCutting electric motor powert1000u00b150mm

7tPneumatic componenttWuxi chengfen

8tElectrical equipment control modetPLC cotrolling

Overturn a rack



2tControl modetcontrolled bu cutting
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By professional teams and strict management, our company can produce kinds of plastic pipe extrusion line, plastic profile extrusion line, mixer, palletizing line, waste plastic recyling line and so on. At the same time in determined innovation and enterprising spirit of pioneering courage, we passed the CE certification and accreditation Switzer GSG.
Our company always take the"Quality to win the trust of customers, service to win the market" as operating motto and take "keep hard working and stain excellent" as enterprise concept to continue develop. In pursuit of perfect quality, we warmly welcome our new and old customers to come to visit.

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