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Product Description
LLLT Laser Therapy is developed based on Advanced

laser technology to adopting 650nm laser noninvasive irradiate on the red blood cells by harmless 650nm low-level laser to clean the blood ,to activate the red blood cells' function and repair damaged cells, speed local blood circulation, and help to absorb

the inflammatory exudation and edema.

Fundamentally improve detoxification capacity and metabolism, anti-allergy capacity of

nasal mucosa to cure various of Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases ,rhinitis ,

And reduce high blood pressure,high blood fat and high blood sugar.
Product Feature
1 Good therapeutic effect, laser irradiation to 5 parts or acupoints of human body at the same time can be reached.

2 A laser stabilizer specially added to perform with more stability.

3 Our semiconductor laser devices are used by high quality imported laser head which has the long life-span.

4 Humanistic and scientific design to fit human physiological curve and ergonomics.

5 Medical use of high capacity lithium battery for the energy-saving.

6 Using highclass and durable metal enclosure which is conducive to heat diffusion for the

power stable.

7 Time and power are adjustable, very smart memory system.

8 Two output modes: Pulse and Continues, which have manual and automatic switch available.

9 Pluggable laser wire, more convenience in use and easier maintenance.
Product Specification / Models
The blood is the source of the human life.There are four components of blood:blood plasma,red blood cell,white blood cell and blood platelet.

The red blood cell transport the blood oxygen and kinds of nutrition to our each organs.

Along with the age growing,our life style or live situation,the kinds of fat,cholesterol,lipid garbage wrap or surround the blood cells.Our red blood cell become hyperviscocity.It can not through the vessel wall. It Means the red blood cells can not transport oxygen and nutrition to our body organs.The metabolism become difficult.The microcirculation have problems.

It causes the hypertention,hyperlipidemia,hyperglycemia,diabetes.Finally causes the stroke,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular,suden death etc.
Application / Models
1.High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, diabetes

2.high blood viscosity, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, sudden death

3.rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps

4.hyperviscosity, hyperlipemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular and

cerebrovascular diseases
Other Information
Safety Warning

1.Laser is high brightness,please do not make direct view or observation via optical instrument to the laser beam

2.Do not point laser beam at other people when using,it is forbidden to straight irradiate at other 's eyes

3.Light sensitive and weakness people should use in low power and short time ,less than 15min for each time,twice per day

4.Not suitable for the following groups: cancer patient, pregnancy, patient with hemorrhagic diseases

5.Children shall only use the instrument under the direction of their parents.

6.The elder patients and sensitive patients must accept the low-power and short-time treatment at the beginning, the rate of work could be increased as the body adjusts.
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