7 1/4 circular saw blades diamond saw blades

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Product Description
PCD saw blade for wood cutting. MDF, HDF, Laminate Board.

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Compared to traditional woodworking Solid carbide cutting tools, our polycrystalline diamond (PCD) Woodworking saw blade substantially increased the plate finish and edge straightness. It's excellent wear resistance to makes saw blade life longer and reduce the repair times also improve the productivity.

Product Feature
1. Excellent physical property: The PCD tip is high quality , not easy to be collapsed.

2. Good quality finishing cutting , can enhance the appearance of the wood products.

3. Very wear-resisting, long working life, can reduce the repairing or re-grinding times

Product Specification / Models
Available size:

Diameter(D) tArbor (d)tSegment width(B) tCore (b)tSegment number(Z)

730t80t7.0t t60

350t80t3.5t t96

300t60t3.5t t96

270t80t2.2t t60

250t25.4t2.2t t60/48

200t25.4t2.2t t60/48

100t25.4t3.0-4.0t t24

Application / Models
Objects: laminated Panel, MDF ,Particleboard, Plywood, Fiberglas, carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber.

Machines: single or double miter saws, radial saws. Recommended use with the saw blade over the work piece

Material: Aluminum, brass, copper alloys, plastic, composite materials, melamine and laminated panels

Warning: it is recommended to use a liquid lubricant. Wax stick for lubrication not recommended

Saw blades to fit on trim-and mitre saws, table saws and combined joinery machines

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