70KV 300W/600W X ray generator---Wismanhv

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Product Description

[Type] XRD

[Power(W)] 300,600,1200

[Maximum output voltage(kV)] ,20,25,30,35,40,50,60,65,70,

-Typical application:

-Thickness gauge

-X ray fluorescence spectrometer (dispersion)

-X ray diffraction

-Plastic sorting

-Crystal examination

-Plating measurement

-Diamond check

-Mineral analysis

-Industrial X ray machine

-Capacitor charging,

-Nuclear instrumentation,

-Nondestructive detection,

-Portable X ray machine,

-Medical X ray machine

-Elemental analysis

-Thickness detection

-X ray

-Particle size measurement

-Density measurement

-The paper component detection

-X ray fluorescence spectrometer, paper, film, foil thickness measurement, elemental analysis, X ray, particle size measurement, density measurement, the paper component detection, on-line process control, ROHS testing, thickness, printed circuit board inspection system, X ray fluorescence analysis, radiation radiography, X ray imaging, multilayer PCB counterpoint, particle size measurement, density measurement, process control, X ray spectroscopy, welding, wire head detection

-The corresponding X (X-ray tube cathode or anode grounding): Kevex, Oxford, RTW, Superior, Varian, Trufocus and domestic brands.

Application / Models
Xianyang wisman high-voltage power supply company limited, is the professional X ray tube high-voltage power supply, high voltage DC power supply, high voltage pulse power supply and high voltage AC power supply manufacturers, the company design and manufacture of custom and standard pressure products, power from 120mW to 150kW, voltage ranges from 300V to 500kV.Our products are mainly used in the following fields: X ray tube, bone density testing, analysis equipment, electrophoresis, semiconductor, ion implantation, printing plate, nondestructive testing, X ray imaging, electrostatic dust, fume purification, electrostatic spraying, CT, electrostatic spraying, laser equipment, ozone equipment, electrostatic flocking, scientific research, electrostatic sterilization.Wisman has become a global medical, industrial, scientific research field a trustworthy supplier.We constantly improve the high-voltage power supply product line, can meet the requirements of global medical, industrial, scientific research needs, including a variety of partial, unpopular needs, including manufacturers supporting OEM, Scientific Research Institute experimental test equipment, and other direct user demand.The high voltage power supply products are typical application:

X ray analysis such as: energy dispersive X ray fluorescence analyzer, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis, X ray diffraction

Automatic test equipment

The capacitor charging and discharging


Carbon dioxide laser

Cathode ray tube: display, flight simulation

Detector, X-ray, microchannel plate photomultiplier tube,

Dielectric breakdown test

Electron beam exposure

Capillary gel electrophoresis

Application of electrostatic: copiers, coating, electrostatic flocking, electrostatic precipitator, fume purification, air purification, electrostatic spray (spray, spray paint)

Image intensifier

Industrial color printing

Industrial X ray: baggage inspection, food inspection, radiation

PCB testing, nondestructive testing, thickness gauge, test tube

Ion beam: mask repair using focused ion beam microscope

Ion implantation


Mass spectrometer: TOF (Time of Flight), MALDI, MALDI-TOF, ICP, SIMS

Medical imaging PET, MRI

Medical Oncology

X ray medical CT, bone mineral density test, chest X-ray

Magnetron, microwave: klystron

Neutron generator

Nuclear detection instrument

Nuclear medical gamma camera

Marine electrical equipment

Electron microscope

Medical blood analysis

A spectrometer

Agricultural fog dew removing production

Pressure test

Surface analysis

Water purification

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