7D cinema interactive motion cinema with gun

Minimum Order
Stretch films + wrapping paper + bubble pack + wood frame
7 days
Product Description
1. Product Description

A 7D motion cinema integrates the 3D video, interactive games, dynamic theater and more than ten core technologies, such as stereo-imaging, wireless location tracking, human-computer interaction, computer programming, etc.

Low investment with high return!!!

2. Product Feature

a. Premium quality: 10 Chinese patented technology, CE, SGS and ISO certified

b. 12 special effects, such as wind, rain, lightning, bubble, fog, fire, snow, leg sweep, back push, vibration and so on.

c. Powerful and constantly updated movie and games database with attractive plots. d. Customized product design size, seat, material, platform, etc

e. Easy to transport and install, lowest maintenance rate

g. Extra functions: printing, monitoring, headcounting and analysis, ect

h. Best price and delivery time due to factory direct sales

i. Low operating cost, high returns

3. Product Specification/Models

1)7D control system: Computer control system with 7D software, effect box and 7D movies

2)Dynamic system: hydraulic& electric motion dynamic system with motion seats

3)Audio system:5.1 digital sound system, main speaker, surround loudspeakers, subwoofer and power amplifier

4)Special effect system

-special effects in seats: Leg tickler, Ear wind, Back push, seat vibration, Butt poker

-special environmental effects: Snow, Water-spray, Bubble, Lighting, Wind, Smog, Fire, Aroma

5)Visual system Metal screen, EPSON projectors, 3D glasses

6)Additional functions Intelligent gun, printing, camera, book-keeping

4. Application

Our products are widely used in cinema theaters, amusement parks, shopping malls, exhibitions, residential areas, etc.

5. Project income

Projected revenue of 5D/7D cinema: Daily income (9 sests)

-- Ticket price/per ticket: USD3

-- Working time/per day: 8 hours

--Income:9*3*8*60/15= USD 864

--Monthly income:$576*30=USD 17280

--Annual income: USD 17280 *12=USD 207360

6. Our successful cases

Zhuoyuan has developed over 700 customers, agents and franchisees in China and oversea markets, covering 60% of Cities and counties in China, and over 70 overseas countries such as America, Russia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Dubai, etc.

Other Information
Our company interesting video :https://youtu.be/SYmaSXQf29U

New product-9DVR cinema : https://youtu.be/hJfJ7tvd-NY

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Group designs and manufactures the full set 5D 7D 9D 12D XD cinema equipment with the outside cabin and 9D VR Simulator, Flight Simulator, Racing simulator. We have specialize in this line for more than 16 years and devotes ourselves to the research, development, manufacturing and sales of Dynamic Stimulant Platforms, motion chairs, and full set cinema Systems.

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Payment:L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,30% deposit,70% balance before delivery
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Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Packing:stretch films carton+ wood frame
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