80X80X25.4mm Execellent Small DC Brushless Axial Cooling Fan with Optional Voltage

Minimum Order
1000 pieces
Carton or negotiable
15 Days
Product Description
1.Advantages: (80X80X25.4mm Execellent Small DC Brushless Axial Cooling Fan with Selectable 5V /12V /24V /48V Voltage)

1). Superior quality with reasonable price.

2). Frequency generator output(speed sensor), rotation detector output(failure Detector), DC sensflow fan(thermistor type) and PWM IC function is optional.

3). Different rated voltage for your different needs.

4). Professional service, custom-made services are available.

5). Both OEM and ODM are welcome.

2.General Specifications: (80X80X25.4mm Execellent Small DC Brushless Axial Cooling Fan with Selectable 5V /12V /24V /48V Voltage)

Dielectric Strength 5mA max, at 500VAC 1min. between lead wire & frame

Insulation Resistance 10M OHM between lead wire & frame(DC 500V)

Life Expectation 50,000 hrs min. for 2 Ball Bearing System at 40'C ,humidity 15%~65%RH

30,000 hrs for 1 Ball + 1 Sleeve Bearing System

20,000 hrs for Sleeve Bearing System

Operating Temperature -10'C~+80'C(+14'F~+158'F) for 2 BALL Bearing System

-10'C~+70'C(+14'F~+140'F) for Sleeve(including 1B+1S) Bearing System

Storage Temperature -40'C~+90'C(-40'F~+167'F) for 2 BALL Bearing System

-40'C~+85'C(-40'F~+158'F) for Sleeve(including 1B+1S) Bearing System

Insulation Class UL: Class A

3.Our Fan Types:

DC brushless axial fan: 25x25x10mm 30x30x10mm 35x35x35mm 40x40x10mm 40x40x20mm 50x50x10mm 50x50x15mm 60x60x10mm 60x60x15mm 60x60x20mm 60x60x25mm 60x60x38mm 70x70x15 mm 70x70x25mm 80x80x15mm 80x80x20mm 80x80x25.4mm 80x80x38mm 92x92x15mm 92x92x25mm 120x120x18mm 120x120x25.4mm 120x120x38mm 140x140x25mm 200x200x20mm 172x133x50mm 205x205x72mm

DC brushless blower fan: 45x45x08mm 45x45x20mm 50x50x10mm 50x50x15mm 60x60x15mm 70x70x15mm 75x75x25mm 75x75x30mm 97x94x33mm 120x120x32mm

DC brushless EC fan: 60x60x28mm 80x80x25mm 120x120x25mm 120x120x32mm 120x120x38mm

DC brushless bracket turbo fan: Y8020 series Y9025 series Y1225 series Y11030 series M-326mm series

DC brushless cross flow fan: F33 series F40 series F60 series F88430 series

Product Feature

2.Voltage: DC 5,12,24 or 48V

3.Low noise and high efficiency.

4.Ball, sleeve or hydraulic bearings.
Product Specification / Models
Electric Current Type:DC Brand Name:Yrway Model Number:A8025 Series Voltage:5-48V Power:1.20-4.08W Air Flow:27.9-42.02CFM Speed:2400-4000RPM Blade Material:Plastic
Application / Models
Fields of machinery,medical equipment,arts and crafts,PC,automotive,home appliance,health product and so on
Established in June 2000, Your Way Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high-end DC/AC cooling solution products. We specialize in producing DC fan, AC fan, Cross Flow fan, computer heatsink, AC brushless motor, DC brushless motor, pump, USB cooling fan, bladeless fan, and the extended products. As a ceaselessly innovative and progressive modern private enterprise, with our rich experience and well knowledge of technical expertise, we commit ourselves to providing the most cost-effective cooling solutions, and gradually become the outstanding professional manufacturer of heat dissipation products.

Undergoing more than 10 year’s baptism, Your Way Electronics Co. Ltd has been steadily stepping forward to the most cost-effective cooling solutions. Eighty percent of the products are exported. Our products are widely applied in the field of machinery equipment, medical appliance, art and craft, PC, communication system, automobile, household appliance, health product, and so on.

Where there is quality, there is tomorrow! We are continuously innovative, and put the quality on the first place. Each product is regarded as artwork to be made. Make perfection more perfect and pursue excellent. In possession of outstanding R&D team with many years’ experience, we can, according to the customer requirements, develop and design variety of DC/AC fans, DC brushless motors and pumps efficiently, to meet and exceed customer expectation. In return, we enjoy great reputation and get a steady flow of orders.

Today, with continuously improved ISO9001:2008 quality management system, each our product is completed under strict supervision.

In the phase of development, strict reliability tests are conducted. In process, we do ORT test and introduce SPC to monitor the quality. Depending on the highly efficiently team, our independent core technique, strict quality inspection system, and high cost-effective products, we provide the customers with perfect pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service. Owing to the consistent pursuit of quality, we obtain the recognition of our regular customers, and our new customers increase rapidly. More and more famous oversea corporations begin to cooperate with us, and the agents of overseas countries are being under orderly construction.

To ensure high quality, advanced equipment is essential, production equipment including but not limited to computer dynamic balancing machine, high efficient magnetized machine, multi-axis winding machine, and test equipment,such as finished fan test system, integrated test meter, Gaussian instruments, anechoic chamber, etc. guarantee the product stability from R&D to the process.

We put emphasis on environment protection, and respond positively to the global requirements. Our products can meet different levels of test standards.

Starting from an excellent follower, gradually growing up to a strong competitor, finally becoming the bellwether of the industry is our stair to surpass ourselves, exceed competitors, and beyond the dream.

Superior quality, reasonable price, timely delivery, comprehensive solutions is our commitment to our customers. Whenever and wherever you choose Your Way Electronics Co., Ltd, you choose rest assured. Growing together with you is our greatest wish.

Facing the future, Your Way Electronics Co., Ltd will, just like before, continuously surpass ourselves in the international situation vicissitude, with our eternal integrity to compose an ambitious business entrepreneurial legend.Your Way----the best partner on your way to success!

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