8mm 10mm 12mm twin wall polycarbonate plastic sheet

Minimum Order
200 suquare meters
Both sides covered with PE protect film and Kraft paper


Polygao Poly carbonate sheet is a new kind of building material from Bayer Makrolon,which is strength, heat insulation and good light-transmission.

2.Due to their excellent advantages, such as high impact resistance, good head good insulation, sound insulation, light weight, flame resistance , weather resistance, easy cutting ,good machining capability and strong plasticity, all products provide 5-10 years warranty

Product Feature

Product features

1,Light Transmission

Depending on the color,light transmission rate can reach 12%~82%

2,Thermal Insulation

Proprietary hollow from contributes to reduce the energy consumption and therefore energy costs.

3,Fire Retardant

According toGB8624-1997the fire retardant classification of POLY-GAO project sun sheets B1.

4,Impact resistance

Its outstanding toughens offers greater protection against breakage during transportation, installation and usage. The impact strength is10-27 times as much as Plexiglas.


Attributing to the proprietary. Remain perfect mechanical and optical properties after exposed to extreme weather for a long time.

6,Sound Insulation

The hollow from and poly carbonate resin offer significant advantage to the sound insulation.

7,Weather Ability

It have good weather ability can maintain excellent properties in a wide temperature range form -40* to 120*.

8,Easy installation

Easy installation can be cold bent.

Product Specification / Models


Application / Models

1.Roofing light sheet and sunshade for office building ,etc

2.skylight,lighting for corridors ,balcony,passages and subway entries ,walkways.

3.Advertising lamp boxes ,sign board

4.Bank ATMS. Bullet resistance material

5.Conservatories ,agricultural greenhouse ,zoos ,botanical gardens.

6.industrial roofing and glazing.

7.Swimming pools roofing/cover/sheet.

8.Telephone booths ,street name plates.

9.Airplanes trains,ships ,vehicles,and so on.

Other Information

Package Type:Both sides covered with PE protect film and Kraft paper

Polygao factory professional produce hollow polycarbonate sheet solid sheet and corrugated sheet. which is heat insulation , good light-transmission high impact resistance, good head good insulation, sound insulationand so on

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Pc hollow sheet/polycarbonate sheet

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