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Product Description

Ultrasonic is referred to wave of mechanical vibration with the frequency of 20,000 Hz above which cannot incite the sense of hearing of human. The function mainly Include the following three aspects:

(1) The Mechanical Effect

The ultrasonic with more power than normal waves, will speed up the movement of the cells as

applied to human body, generate a certain massage-like effect and energy to change the cells. Meanwhile, the ultrasonic can cause the cytolymph movement, granoplasam rotation, particle chattering and rubbing, and stimulate the semi-permeable membrane diffuseness, which contribute to improve the partial blood and lymph circulation, strengthen the permeability of cells, and enhance the power of metabolism and regeneration of body tissues.

The mechanical effect of ultrasonic bears the functions to soften the tissues, strengthen the permeability, promote metabolism, accelerating blood circulation, and excite the nervous system and cells. When applied to human body, it can transfer the energy to the deep skin. Therefore, ultrasonic has a better curative effect than mechanical massage.

(2) Warming Effect

As a treatment method only inferior to the mechanical effect, the warming effect of ultrasonic is kind of inner-generated heat, and 79-82% of the heat generated is transported by the self action of the blood, while the remaining 18-21% is dispersed to the near body tissues via the heat transfer. Therefore, the patient has no obvious feeling when the ultrasonic is applied to beautification. The degree of temperature rising of body tissues caused by different treatment methods is also with differences. Under the same condition of continuous ultrasonic wave radiation , the fixation method can cause higher temperature rising than the moving method. The heat effect generated by the pulse radiation is much less, while it is in application.

In the same position, the warming effect of ultrasonic can cause the speeding of the blood flow and change in the process of metabolism, also can strengthen the blood circulation, reduce the nerve excitement, calm the pain, and relax the convulsionary muscle fiber gaining a function of relaxing convulsion.

(3) Chemical Effect

The biochemical effect is produced mainly by the polymerization and decomposition reaction. Polymerization reaction refers to a process of some same or similar molecules forming bigger molecules. A small amount of ultrasonic can boost the growing and producing process of the protein compound in the cells, and stimulate the reproduce of the damaged tissues ;while treating amount of ultrasonic can stimulate the protein synthesis of the fiber cells. Decomposition reaction is a process in which the viscosity of big molecule gets reduced, and the molecular weight decreased, causing the temporary fall of viscosity of the drug solution, which is beneficial for the drug to be absorbed easily.

Therefore, ultrasonic possesses the chemical function of speeding up metabolism and strengthening catalysis, meanwhile urges the tissue PH value to change towards alkaline, so it can refrain the swell and pain caused by the skin inflammation. Ultrasonic can promote the permeability of cell membrane, which is favorable for the drug to disperse and penetrate into the bacteria, then improve the ability of sterilization.


Using the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to drive the material near the shock head resonance, so that the material of original can be taken away to achieve cleaning. The characteristic of vibration with skin cleaning cream can be cleaned the oil on the surface of skin and residue material of cosmetic, and have good effect to clean the pimples, acne etc in deep skin.


Anion and cation conduction instrument is a kind of beauty equipment that makes use of direct current. It adopts the electricity principle of poles repel and opposite charges attract for skin care purpose. Because external harmful substances and metal ions
Product Feature
>4 kind of language available as client request ,our standard is English

>9 IN 1 Function section

Facial steamer,ultrasonic,skin scrubber,high frequency,galvanic,spray,vacuum,rotary brush ,LED LAMP

>Facial steamer

Ozone available ,timer available ,vapor function available ,constant heating supply

>LED Magnifying lamp

8 time and 3 time Magnification with long life time and low consumption LED light

Never loosen spring adjustment system to allow the flexible adjustment and stable fixture


>Skin scrubber

>Hight Frequency




>Rotary Brush

>With CE certificate

> Multifunction Beauty Machine For Sales

> Multifunction Beauty Machine For Sales
Other Information
1. One year warranty, if there any problems happens with your machine, we will repair it free of charge.

2. Convenient training, user manual and operation video are available, also, if it is not enough, we can provide the online face to face education.

3. OEM/ODM services, your logo, outshape, language, interface can specially be designed on your machine.

4. After sales service, offer 7*24 hours online service, lifetime free maintainance, technology support forever.

GOMECY company is a global developer, manufacturer and provider of medical and aesthetic devices, integrating R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Service as a whole. We provide OEM and ODM customer service with our products, which gives us the right to say "we make quality".
From Africa to Europe, America and across Asia, we supply the IPL, E-light, SHR, OPT, DPL hair removal photo rejuvenation equipment, RF treatment apparatus, Diode laser, Co2, Er:Yag, Er:Glass, Nd:Yag laser service, Weight loss equipment and salon beauty equipment to bring beauty benefits of health to clients over the entire globe.
"striving for best quality, creating best interest for customers" is our motto as we focus on the best possible line of products. Due to our stringent quality control and commitment to provide the best quality equipment possible, we have passed the FDA, Medical CE, ISO13485, RoHS etc. From our workshop, we maintain a detail oriented approach beginning with our assembly production line, then on to electrical installation and testing in our plant and clinic, to be rigorously checked again by sustained use for a 24-hour period before being packaged for delivery. Each unit is assigned its own serial number for tracking purposes to help our customers know "they come first".
We GOMECY always adheres to the business philosophy of "Customers First " . We are looking forward to working with you and become the leader in the beauty and medical industry together.

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