900 t i beam 24 m bridge beam launcher machine

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900t i beam 24m bridge beam launcher machine manufacturer price900 t i beam 24 m bridge beam launcher machine is used in the erection of precast beam bridges for span by span method of construction for precast beam girders like T beam, U beam, etc. This self-beam launcher is suitable for bridge construction over river, valley or highway and so on. 
900 t i beam 24 m bridge beam launcher machine is suitable for the construction of bridge for roads, railways and other bridge erection construction site. Its main function is to lift the prefabricated beams, then transported onto the prefabricated pier. 900 t i beam 24 m bridge beam launcher machine has big difference from the general cranes. It requests high security.   

900t i beam 24m bridge beam launcher machine manufacturer price


1. What’s the information should I provide when inquiry about the beam launcher? 
1.1 We need the Bridge Drawing;the Maximum longitudinal slope and the Maximum Transverse slope; 
1.2 The Girder/beam drawing;                                            

2. What are inspection standard for load test of 900 t i beam 24 m bridge beam launcher machine?
2.1. Dynamic load test
1.1 times rated load, main girder does not down deflection, all mechanisms work well, performance parameters meet the design demand, all limit switches and safety protection interlock devices are reliable, all spare parts does not have cracking and flexible connection, all motors and contactors are not overheat. 
2.2. Static load test 
1.25 times rated load, all mechanisms work well, the crane stops 20-30 min as trial load is lifted 10 cm high, then measure main girder down deflection(theodolite, ruler). Put down trial load to measure main girder upper camber, repeat 3 times, steel structure does not have permanent deformation; 

3. How to make highway bridge concrete girders? 
a. Full span prefabrication, 
b. Segment girder prefabrication 
c. Full span cast-in-place girder 
d. Segment cast-in-situ 

4. How about maintenance of 900 t i beam 24 m bridge beam launcher machine? 
4.1. Lubricating: Working performance and service life of all mechanisms of crane depend on lubricating to a big extent.

4.2. Steel wire rope: Fracture of wire has to be specially noticed. A new steel wire rope has to be changed immediately with the condition of broken wire, broken strands and wear loss to scrapping standard. 

4.3. Spreader: The spreader has to be checked regularly. 

4.4. Pulley block: Mainly check rope race wearing condition, check whether wheel flange is cracked and whether pulley could get stuck in the axle or not. 
4.5. Wheels: Regularly check wheel flange and tread, a new wheel has to be immediately replaced as crack part or wearing in wheel flange reaches 10% of wheel thickness; Re-polishing has to be done as diameters between two driving wheels on tread differs more than D/600, or there are severe scar on the tread. 
4.6. Brake: Check one time per shift; The brake should be in accurate movement, and pins do not allow to be stuck. Brake shoes shall fit brake wheels correctly; the brake shoes interval shall be equal to open them. 

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The factory use new and innovative solutions to assist clients in their tasks: from distance-controlled equipment, to application of its technology in different fields, to environment-friendly solutions. We focus on customer demand, takes technical innovation as drive, relies on quality assurance system and keeps its technology reached the international advanced level.

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