A water-cooled air conditioner

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[Product Description]

-There is no outdoor unit for the air conditioner.
-Air conditioning performance is 20~30% better than existing products
-Without an outdoor unit, the air conditioner cools down hot condensation through heat exchange.
-The unit can recycle 45’c water discharged during cooling activity.
-Warm water can be recycled by connecting the unit with a dishwasher, sauna, bathtub, heating system, etc.
-Unlike other water-cooled air conditioners, this one recycles condensation to reduce water usage and emits less noise while doing so.
-It reduces at least 20% of your air conditioning-related electricity use when compared to air-cooing air conditioners, and is easy to install and move.

Eco-friendly space savingttt

– Eco-friendly products that do not emit hot air, like an outdoor unit


– Air conditioner does not need outdoor space →saves architectural space, has a modern aesthetic.

saving energyttt

– Unlike the air-cooled air conditioner, which is overloaded by outdoor units during the hot season, Froosen is a water-cooled air conditioner.


– This air conditioner is not influenced by the outside temperature since the internal water supply and drainage system replace the function of the outdoor unit, saving up to 30% power.

Utilizing hot water resources– Utilizing hot water of 45 ~ 50 degrees Celsius which is discharged after heat exchange, it is used in places where hot water is absolutely necessary in summer (e.g. restaurants, public baths, etc.) or at home, so it has effect of reducing separate electricity and water costs for hot water supply.
Technology & Design, Technical Design)ttt

– Utilize patented technology of our own developed invention for energy saving and noise reduction


– Over 20 additional patent applications are being filed → Prevention of global leaders and second-movers’ chase


– Pleasant design and using multi-lighting that meet the healing demand of modern people


[Product Specification]

Cooling capacity8690BTU
Power consumption720W
SizeW 420 x D 320 x H 950
Weight30 Kg
RequirementsWater service facility
Product applicationOutdoor air conditioner unit installed in hard places
ttt/ Air conditioning and water heater in parallel locations

[Product Features]

Froosen location utilization (installation locations)

Easy to move and install, no outdoor unit, Froosen: an air conditioner creating a healthy living environment with its cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and air cleaning functions. Easy and convenient to use at homes, offices, hotels/motels (accommodation), hair and beauty salons, restaurants, etc.

-Home (living room, study room, kitchen)
Its compact size and luxurious design make it even more elegant and convenient at home.

The beautiful harmony of tradition and fusion!
With the comfortable environment with the temperature control suited to your preference, and the comfortable and pleasant meal time, you feel great!
Cool air from the kitchen, using hot water, this is an air cleaning function that ensures the best cooking environment!

-Hotel (accommodation)
Because there is no outdoor unit, you can have a splendid aesthetic and maximize energy savings by hot water recycling!
Take a comfortable break with individual air-conditioning and heating!

-Hair and beauty salons
No more ordinary air conditioners anymore!
Wonderful air conditioner with beautiful colorful design and interior features of beauty salon!
A smart air conditioner that keeps the health of the scalp and hair with hot water functions!

Now, an air conditioning without air conditioner that provides comfortable space to improve work efficiency.

[Company Introduction]

JENTECH , a professional company dedicated to developing and selling the best air conditioning and heating products
Creative & innovative

We sincerely appreciate your visiting J&Tech.
J&Tech will do our best to develop and sell the best products to provide a pleasant environment for educational institutions, government offices, churches, and business offices as a manufacturer and marketer of air conditioning and products.

Thank you.

[Company History]

May 23, 2013 establishment (founding) of corporation.

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