accumulator type hydraulic control butterfly valve for hydro power plant

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This valve electrical control system according to the main logic element class is divided into regular and PLC intelligent control, the factory necessary for normal commonly, need to type PLC intelligent control to when ordering. Each type and the following several main conditions:
Open valve working condition of centrifugal pump, including centrifugal mixed flow pump, start the pump and delay after the scheduled time open valve, or valve opened at the same time.
Axial flow pump shut valve: valve closed
Open valve turbine operating mode: first open the bypass valve balance pressure, then open valve.
Close the valve working condition of hydraulic turbine, the main valve closed at the same time open the bypass valve, to the main valve closed bypass valve when fitted.
This valve are equipped with local control circuits of the electric control system and remote control circuits. Local control loop is mainly used in commissioning, normal work is using a remote control circuits.
Pump power for AC380V, uninterrupted power supply for control DC220V AC220V, DC110V etc, or other power supply level
Product Feature
Our company produces the hydraulic control butterfly valve, it is a kind of high intelligence, high efficiency, high energy saving hydraulic controlled check disc valve products, divided into the accumulator type hydraulic controlled check butterfly valve and heavy hammer type hydraulic controlled check butterfly valve.
Product Specification / Models
Accumulator type hydraulic control butterfly valve is stored in the energy accumulator for auxiliary power supply, to drive the opening and closing of the valve. Allows the valve in time no electricity situation, the energy stored inside accumulator can ensure that the valve opening and closing again. The accumulator type hydraulic control butterfly valve gear and rack type and rocker arm type two kinds of structure
Mainly by the valve body, valve actuator, hydraulic station, electric cabinet and so on four parts.
Valve body by the valve body, disc, valve stem, sliding bearing, seal assembly and other major parts.
Accumulator hydraulic control slow close check butterfly valve is generally adopts horizontal layout; Also can according to user requirements with vertical layout.
Drive gear diameter DN 1400 or more using lateral plate, rocker arm, such as connection, transmission parts, diameter DN < 1400 adopt gear rack transmission mechanism.
The driving hydraulic cylinder is slowly-closing time regulator. The user can be adjusted according to the design to go to.
Hydraulic station including unit pump, manual pump, accumulator, electromagnetic valve, relief valve, flow control valve, cut-off valve, hydraulic integrated block, fuel tanks and other components.
Accumulator system, the accumulator to provide the valve opening and closing the main power source.
Flow control valve is used as the on-off valve time adjustment, the user can speed regulation valve switch is carried out according to the design requirement.
Manual pump used for system debugging and special circumstances of the valve opening and closing.
Hydraulic system electromagnetic directional valve features as follows: solenoid valve must work electric butterfly valve, loss of electric butterfly valve, a lock; Take some of the other role type should be when ordering.
Hydraulic system and the valve body for fission installation commonly, also can be installed in a whole. User if there are no special instructions for split type of installation. Accumulator hydraulic control slow close check butterfly valve using vertical arrangement are split type installation.
storage tank-hydraulic control butterfly valve
1. can hold the device and can hold by two , can turn off the valve automatically when there is no outside energy
2. it is reliable and flowing to hinder coefficient small to seal
3. Adopt PLC intelligent control system , can realize such many kinds of humanization as the text , touch- sensitive screen etc. operate interfaces
4. can realize long-range local control
5. can realize long-range , local control
6. have fast , slow adjustable closing the function
7. close it , stop going back the function
8. can realize while closing that close the function slowly, dispel water hammer to endanger effectively , protect the security of the water pump and pipe network system .
Zhejiang weiguang pump &valve manufacture co., ltd build in 1992 , the main special products are valves fluorine lined valves fluorine lined control valves fluorine lined steel pipe ,corrosion resistance pump and so on
The valves have the ball valves , discharge ball valves ,globe valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, gate valves, cock valves, pipe clamp valves and so on
The fluorine lined valves have fluorine lined ball valves, fluorine lined discharge valves, fluorine lined globe valves, fluorine lined butterfly valves, fluorine lined diaphragm valve, fluorine lined check valves , fluorine lined gate valves , fluorine lined cock valves, fluorine pipe clamp valves and so on ,besides we have the high temperature O ring cut off ball valves .
the control fluorine lined valves have the pneumatic control fluorine lined valves and the electric control fluorine lined valves ,the pneumatic control valves have the single action and double action.
The valve nominal pressure have PN2.5-PN64,the nominal pipe size is DN15-DN3600mm,the temperature is -196℃-+550℃
Zhejiang weiguang pump &valve manufacture co., ltd have passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification. It is high and new technology enterprise ,the company has 20000 square meters ,have the 120 employees and , the engeerings is above 20 , the company belong to scientific management ,quality number one ,continue improvement ,client requirement and expectation .

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