Air-operated diaphragm pump

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QBY air-operated diaphragm pump delivery flow of liquid, but also convey some uneasy flowed medium, with advantages of the self-priming pump, submersible pumps, shielding pumps, mud pumps and other transportation machineries.

1. No need of water irrigation , suction lift up to 7m, head up to 70m, the outlet pressure >= 6kgf/cm2;

2. High flow-ability, good performance, with allowance of the maximum particle diameter of 10mm, minimal wear and tear on the pump while conveying mud, and impurity;

3.Head, flow step-less adjustment can be achieved through the valve opening degree (pressure adjustment between the 1-7kgf/cm2);

4.Without moving parts and seals, diaphragm will completely separate transport medium and pump running parts, working medium, the transmission medium does not leak out. So it will not cause environmental pollution and danger to personal safety when transporting of toxic and flammable or corrosive media;

5. No electricity, safe and reliable use in explosive areas;

6. No immersed in media while operation;

7. Easy operation, reliable duty, start and stop simply by opening and closing the gas valve, even due to accident or suddenly stop running without media for a long time, pump will not be damaged, once overload, the pump will automatically shut down, through self-protection function, when the load is back to normal, and it can automatically start running;

8.Simple structure, less wearing parts, easy installation and maintenance, medium conveyed by the diaphragm does not come into contact with valves, connecting rods and other moving parts, it will not impact performance by wearings of the rotor, pistons, gears, and other parts of the impeller like other types of pumps;

9.It can transport more viscous medium (viscosity 10,000 cps or less);

10. No need of lubrication oil, no impact if running without load;

Application / Models
The main applications

1.Pumping peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, sausage, chocolate, hops, syrup, etc.;

2.Pumping paints, lacquers, glues, adhesives, etc;

3.Pumping all kinds of tile, porcelain, tiles and pottery, etc;

4.Pumping all kinds of abrasive, corrosive, cleaning grease, etc.;

5.Pumping all kinds of toxic, flammable and flammable liquids,etc;

6.Pumping various of sewage cement grout and mortar, etc.;

7.Pumping a variety of acids, alkalies, corrosive liquids,etc.;

8.As pre-delivery pressure device of a variety of solid-liquid separation equipments;

Full range of fluid equipment solutions
Shanghai Semhai Pump Co., Ltd. is a diversified high-tech enterprise,integrate research and development and market and service, professionally focus on supplying pumps, motors, valves, electrical control devices, fire-fighting water supply equipment, non-negative intelligent frequency conversion water supply equipment, environmental equipment and other related products. Product range covers: fire-fighting pumps, centrifugal pumps, sewage pumps, submersible pumps, shielding pumps, double-suction pumps, chemical pumps, oil pumps, vacuum pumps, deep-well pumps, diesel-driven pumps, electric control cabinet, motors, valves, non- negative intelligence conversion water supply equipment, fire-fighting water supply equipment etc. fifty series, more than 10,000 specifications, widely used in pressure boosting, industrial, domestic water supply, AC water circulation, heating, fire-fighting systems, groundwater extraction, sewage waste water treatment, chemical industry and desalination industry and many other fields, with reliable quality and professional service to win the trust of customers completely.
In addition, Shanghai Semhai with decades of experience in control devices and monitoring systems of pumping solutions as well as drives to be used in various aspects of liquid and flow requirements. It ensures that our products perfectly matched with hydraulic pumps, motors, electronics, and all other mechanical components to form a complete pumping solutions, thus ensuring an efficient pumping system with high quality.

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Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

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air-operated diaphragm pump

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air operated diaphragm pump

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air operated diaphragm pump

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