Air Separation Plant

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Product Description
The Air Separation Plant is based on deep freezing cryogenic technology. The Air Separation Plant includes air cooling, twin bed adsorption, frozen cycle theory of low inflation turbine expander, after through advanced and efficient fin heat exchanger ,the air becomes liquid , then according to the different boiling point of liquid oxygen, and liquid nitrogen, second distillation in the fractionators, then get the high purity (99.6%) oxygen and more than 99.99% purity nitrogen and optional argon.

We are very proud of that we can manufacture such small capacity Air Separation Plant with a very good energy efficiency, due to our technology innovation!
Product Feature
(1) The Air Separation Plant is equipped with a stable screw air compressor;

(2) The Air Separation Plant use stainless steel valve and copper heat exchangers;

(3) The Air Separation Plant can produce either Oxygen or Nitrogen for filling cylinders;

(4) The Air Separation Plant does not need foundation base;

(5) The Air Separation Plant does not need cooling water;

(6) The Air Separation Plant is compact, very easy to be transported and installed;

(7) The Air Separation Plant use annular sleeve valve, to reduce the maintenance jobs if any leak;

(8) Very easy to clean the Rectification Column if it is polluted by oil;

(9) The Air Separation Plant is very easy to be operated, low maintenance jobs.

(10) Low energy consumption. (40Nm3/h: 76KW ; 50Nm3/h: 98KW ; 100Nm3/h: 175.5KW)
Product Specification / Models
Air Separation Plant specifications:

Air Separation Plant

Oxygen production capacity: 30-180Nm3/h (120cylinders/day to 720cylinders/day)

Nitrogen production capacity: 30-180Nm3/h (120cylinders/day to 720cylinders/day)

Oxygen purity: 99.6%

Nitrogen purity: 99.99%

Can fill cylinders

Standard Air Separation Plant:


Oxygen capacityt40Nm3/ht50Nm3/ht100Nm3/ht150Nm3/ht180Nm3/h

Oxygen purityt99.6%t99.6%t99.6%t99.6%t99.6%

Nitrogen capacityt40Nm3/ht50Nm3/ht100Nm3/ht150Nm3/ht180Nm3/h

Nitrogen purityt99.99%t99.99%t99.99%t99.99%t99.99%

Operation pressuret10-12bar

Start time/Warm upt10hours

Power consumptiont76KWt98KWt175.5KWt299.5KWt299.5KW

It can fill (cylinders/day)t160t200t400t600t720


1. Above standard model Air separation plant is based on an altitude of <1000meters.

2. Can be customized for you if need higher capacity Air Separation Plant.

Application / Models

1.Food industry : food packaging, food storage, beer juice filling and sealing;

2.Electronic industry: PCBA(Printed Circuit Board Assembly), SMT process, soldering process, laser drilling, laser cutting, and so on...

3.Pharmacy : ampoule sealing, madicine protection;

4.Petrol chemical;

5.Tire Inflation;

6.Heat treatment;



9.Coal mine, oil / gas field;

10.Chemical industry;

11.Glass making;

12.Air conditioner industry: Protecting the copper pipe, leak test for the copper pipe and so on.


Glass burning & blowing process, combustion-supporting, Ozone generation industry, Steel Factory & metallurgy industry ,Aquaculture/ fish farm, Gold mining, Paper and pulp, industrial use/metal cutting, healthcare, medical use, hospitals , waster water-treatment , super-market oxygen supply and so on...
Founded in 2004 and restructured in 2008, ShinTek has been focusing on the turn-key solutions for the industrial gas field and high temperature vacuum furnace industry. Now ShinTek has 2 business units, including 2 production sites and 3 sales offices, can design and produce varieties of Air Separation Plants and varieties of Vacuum Furnaces.

Owing to our self-motivated passion in researching and developing the air separation technologies and high temperature vacuum furnace technologies with the cooperation of the professional researching institutes and colleges, our prompt and customer-oriented services have been reaching many countries over the world, including China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Argentina, Venezuela, BVI, Nigeria, Benin and so on…

The strategic location of ShinTek, ShinTek own continuous development of technologies and more than 20 long-term partners located in China, enables ShinTek to be one of the best air separation solutions and high temperature furnace manufacturer, one of the industrial turn-key solution provider and one of the most comprehensive chinese industrial source solution provider to the customers at every corner of the world. We believe in the endless opportunities that advanced service will bring and the family of ShinTek anticipates to partnering with your company in the bright future ahead!

Our goal is to create and deliver value that increase customer's competitive advantages.

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