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The common purified water is of macromolecule group water with acidity, none of mineral element. if you drink it for long term, the immunity will be bring down.

Alkaline water flask can change the common purified water into energy calcium activated water by the activation of Pearl calcium ion and Energy stone, which can release far infrared ray and negative ion, thereby causing the syntony of water molecules, releasing mineral element (such as Ca, Mg, K and Na), changing the common purified water into Factor IV activated water. The Factor IV activated water is made up of micro molecule group, with negative potential, & of alkalescence.It has strong penetrability and solubility; it can eliminate the excrescent free radical, detoxicate the alcohol & tobacco, improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity. If you drink it for long term, it can resist oxidation, delay senility, prevent and dissolve kinds of calculus in your body, eliminate the dysporia, cure the high blood pressure and gastritis. The Factor IV activated water is the water of health, which can increase the physiological behavior, build up your health, and improve the quantity of your life.

Product Feature
Alkaline water flask with 316 stainless steel outer shell, which can be used for making tea or holding water. It can change the water into mineral water, and the mineral water can improve your health in the way as follows:

1. To improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity.

2. Change the common water into Factor activated water, which is rich in mineral element, such as Ca, Mg, K and Na.

3. Resist oxidation, delay senility, & be favorable for human beings health.

4. The negative potential can eliminate the excrescent free radical.

5. Detox the alcohol & tobacco.aa

6. Strong solubility, and long-terms drinking can prevent the renal calculus.

7. Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels, eliminate the dysporia.

8. Cure acidosis, rectify the acidic constitution.

9. Neutralize the excrescent gastric acid, protect against gastritis.

Application / Models
Application instruction:

1. Clean alkaline water flask with hot water before you use it, in order to active the energy calcium

Use the hot water with the temperature above 90,wait until the hot water to be cool, then repeat to wash it at least for 3 times)

2. Pour in the water, and wait for about 10-15 minutes.

3. Enjoy your mineral water.

4. Suggested application amount: 2000 ml everyday.

5. Its available for 5000 cups, after expired, the energy stone can' t be replaced easily.(Calcium Sediment life time: 1--2 years.)

When you found the sediment adhere to the inner of the cup, take it out and clear it with hot salt water. (General speaking washes it every 2 months).

Besides, Alkaline water flask is easy to use, just pour the common purified water or mineral water into the cup, and it can be changed into energy calcium activation

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