AM-1300 , Ultrasonic Hot Fix Setting Machine

Korea origin
Minimum Order
1 set
Factory Inspection
Export Standard Packing : vacuum packing, Pallet
5 days on receipt of TT
TT in advance
AM-1300 / Ultrasonic Hot Fix Setting Machine

Home-made components.
We gain CE Mark and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and QC 9000.

A. Features

- " Auto" , " Press" , " Manual" mode selectable.
- High speed & Accuracy and speed to be changeable by user easily.
- " Reset" function for returning to first setting parameters.

- Improved Air drying system & Auto drainage.
- High credibility to be guaranteed by use of just high quality components.
- Basic supply of both big and small working board for user's conveniences.

- Function to be upgraded simply by software.
- Easy & simple operation method for novices.

B. Specification

- Power : AC 220V , 1 PH , 50/60Hz.
- Work speed : 20 ~ 120 pcs./min.
- Air : 5 ~ 6 Kg/cm2.

- Available Rhinestone size : SS 6(2mm) ~ SS 30(6mm).
- Working board : 300 x 400mm(big) , 300 x 130mm(small).

- Dimension : 600 x 550 x 1,100mm.
- Weight : 51Kg(Net) / 60 Kg(Gross).

C. Application

Women's costumes, children's wear, t-shirts, jeans, underwear, label embroidery, bags, belts, caps, accessories, etc.

D. Gross weight : 70 Kg.
Box spec. : 760 x 600 x 1,250mm.

Warranty : one year.
Export Standard Packing : Vacuum wooden packing, pallet.
Shipping terms : Ex Works.

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High-tech AMAZING Co., Ltd. of Eco-friendly Corporation are manufacturer of iron-on heat transfer Hot Fix such as Lead Free Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Hot Fix Tape, MC, Domestud, Hot Fix Setting Machine, Nail Head, Motif, Convex, Epoxy Pearl, Stone Ring, Pasco, Cosmo Jet,

Pearl, Spangle, Rhinestone Motif Machine, Laser Cut, Dia Cut, Spangle Motif Machine, Facet Epoxy Pearl, Heat Transfer Film, Hologram, PU, Foil, Normal, Rainbow, PVC, Foil, Flock, Sequin, Swarovski, Check Type, Embroidery, Embo, Rivet, Snap, etc.

We manufacture Grade A Lead Free Hot Fix in Korea factory.
Korea origin bijouterie.
We possess OEKO-TEX Standard 100/1 (products for babies and small children).

We equip 12 SGS TEST REPORTS and 6 KOTITI TEST REPORTS on Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Domestud, Nail Head, Convex, Epoxy Pearl for Heavy metals contents Test and Appearance after washing Test.

We pass CPSIA Standard Test and New EU Standard Test.
Ours are suitable for RoHS.

Fashion-forward AMAZING of Haute Couture have achieved galloping strides as Total Fashion Producer.

Most items are topnotch quality across Korea.
We persist high quality and high fashion.

Lead Free Rhinestone are produced of all process in Korea plant uniquely.
First-class grade in Korea.
Purely Korea origin.

Crystal and All Colors : zero ppm.
Seeing is believing.
We can send samples, catalog of Lead Free Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Domestud.

SS 4, SS 6, SS 8, SS 10, SS 12, SS 16, SS 20, SS 30, SS 34, SS 40.
68 colors with Shape Stone.

Daily output : 40,000 grs.
Lead Free Neon Stone are customized.

Applicable flatback, 2 cut crystallized Lead Free Rhinestone of 12 facets strass.
Glittering, dazzling lusters.

Eco-friendly Grey Glue is powerfully adhesive to all fabrics.
We create new color, shape, design, material.

Rhinestud, Domestud are produced of whole process in Korea plant solely.
Neon Stud and White Stud in all sizes, colors.
Neon Dome and White Dome, the same.

1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm.
62 colors with Shape Stud.

Premium Nail Head with diverse shapes.
Lead Free MC of 40 ppm.
German-made(DEGUSSA) Grey Glue and Strong Glue.

Color tone follow up Swarovski's color tone.
MC pass CPSIA Standard Test.

We make 12 kinds of Hot Fix Tapes according to adhesion.
Unlimited widths and customized bottom colors of Hot Fix Tape.

We ship 20 feet container quantity periodically.
When press work, adhesive is not smeared in fabrics, but pretty clean state.

Tailored to customer demand on Hot Fix Setting Machines.
Automatic, user-friendly for novice.
We gain CE Mark and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and QC 9000.

Customized production for Motif.
We vary Motif machines and any format into artwork by re-creation within 1 ~ 2 days.
Large capacity and artistic designers and gorgeous, luxury Motif.

Korean Spangles and Heat Transfer Films for splendid dress, stage costume,
high heels, handbags, accessories.

Spangle of Hot, Line, Chain, Embroidery, No Hole.
Heat Transfer Film of Hologram, PU, Foil, Normal, PVC, Rainbow, Flock.

We pursue the perfection by product concept.
We focus on ecology fashion and Elegance by going green.

Negotiable prices.
Discount according to amount.

AMAZING head Hot Fix industry and take the lead in popularizing fashionable trend.

Cutting-edge facilities with computer control system, automated system, quality control system.
Exclusive knowhows and time-honored craftsmanship and factory automation.

Hot Fix embellish outmoded costumes and accessories into up-to-date, stunning chic.
Ours improve lady and fashionista to be dressed to kill and to the go-go social set.

We conduct customer needs strategy and customer satisfaction policy.
We provide high-quality customer service.
We obey product liability and in-house QC.

Hot Fix attached trendy are in the glamorous limelight and stand out as eye-catcher.
AMAZINGSTAR are best-seller, golden goose.

AMAZING-holic are ubiquitous from China to Peru.
Ours sell like hot cakes.

Sample, catalogue, color card, demo video are free and freight is collect.
Export Standard Packing.

Hot Fix : Polyvinyl, Carton, Special Package Paper.
Hot Fix Tape : Carton, Pallet.
Machine : Vacuum wooden packing, Pallet.  

We manage under economies of scale.
We crave for long, practical partnership.

Noblesse Marketing and Noblesse oblige.
One-stop Solution Provider.

Trendsetter of Boutique and Salon.
Hot Fix Stylist.

Send e-mail to
T :  82 31 637 7296
F : 82 31 635 7296
M : 82 10 3317 5867
Skype : charles.kay97
Kakaotalk : hotfrx1

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