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Oxyhydrogen/Oxy-hydrogen Generator

1.100% Safe

2.Environment Friendly

3.30% higher efficiency

4.Save Electric and Energy 40%

Energy Saving Oxyhydrogen Generator / Oxy-Hydrogen Generator High Quality OH100-OH10000

What is oxyhydrogen generator/ Oxy-hydrogen generator:

Oxyhydrogen Generator consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing LPG, Propane, Acetylene fuel or natural gas or other fuel.Oxyhydrogen Generator can be used for welding, cutting, polishing,brazing, glass processing and jewelry processing etc. Also can burst with other fuel together for heating.

Multi-functions application of Oxyhydrogen Generator/Oxy-Hydrogen generator :

1. Welding

(1) Jewelry Industry:

For welding kinds of chain and string which are made of platinum, gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.

For mending tiny sand holes on jewelry casting.

For jewelry repairing (reforming, casting, welding).

(2) Electronic Industry:

For welding enameled wire, computer wire peeling, LED wafer, flame-treating circuit board,thermocouple andplatinum resistor leading wires.

(3) Medical Industry:

For denture welding.

For welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry.

No-carbon flame disinfection and glass seal.

(4) Laboratory:

For Welding of laboratory teaching, providing convenient, safe and clean oxy-hydrogen flame.

(5) Others:

Instrument welding, Air-condition copper pipe welding, Automobile exhaust pipe welding,Fishhook welding,Storage battery tinplate welding,lighting hardware weldingand etc.

2. Cutting

Large oxyhydrogen generator/ Oxy-Hydrogen Generator: can be widely used in Carbon Steel Cutting and continuous casting slab cutting of Steel Plant. It can cooperate with manual cutting torch, semi-automatic cutting machine, shape cutting machine, CNC cutting machine to instead of traditional fuel gas.

3. Heating and sealing

(1) metal and nonmetal heating

(2) glass tube sealing,quartz glass tube sealing

(3) ampoule bottles sealing

(4) water injection drawing sealing

(5) mould repair, quenching,crucible heating melting metal

(6) solar wafer processing,IC packaging.

4.Polishing:Organic glass/Acrylic Polishing

5.Others:For Welding or Heat treating small metal parts,Iron Cutting,Catalytic combustion of other fuels,Engine carbon cleaning for automobiles.

Product Feature
Oxy-hydrogen generator is an equipment which just needs water and electricity to produce hydrogen and oxygen as needed. Oxygen is a kind of gas for helping to combust, and hydrogen is a kind of carbon-free gas. During the process of producing and using oxy-hydrogen, there is no harm to environment. Compared with other fuels, oxy-hydrogen fuel produced by oxy-hydrogen generator has the advantages as follows.

Product Specification / Models
1)Safe and environment

a)Hydrogen molecular weight is 2, lighter than air by 1/14. So after leaking to air, hydrogen will escape from ground automatically and won't gather. However, other fuel oil and gas will gather on the ground and have the danger of inflammation and explosion.

b)There is no smell and poison to harm people. Its combustion product is just water, so that it won't pollute environment.

2)High-temperature and high-energy

The heat value of 1 kg of hydrogen is 34000Kcal which is two times of diesel. The temperature of oxy-hydrogen flame is as high as 2800 degree which is higher than normal gas.

3)Concentrated heat value

Oxy-hydrogen flame is straight, less heat loss and high-efficient.

4)Automatical regeneration

Hydrogen comes from water and will revert to water after combustion.

5)Catalysis characteristic

Hydrogen is an active catalyst which can be mixed with air to add in to catalyze and combust all solid, liquid, gas fuel. It also can speed up the reaction process, promote the complete combustion to enhance the flame temperature, the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

6)Reduction characteristic

a variety of raw materials add hydrogen to refine.


It can adjust the flame temperature by heating the product's melting point

8)Extensive source

Hydrogen can be produced by water electrolysis, water is inexhaustible and every kg water can produce 1860L oxy-hydrogen gas.

9)Using by producing

Oxy-hydrogen generator can supply gas as users set by adopting the advanced automatical control technology, and there will be no gas to storage.

10)Wide application range

It is suitable for all situation where needs fuel to process flame, especially flame cutting, flame welding, heating and other fields.

11)energy saving

S&S New Energy Tech Co.,Limited is the appointed export agency of China Minmetals Corporation is an international mining corporation committed to providing high-quality services globally, by carrying forward the development philosophy of “cherishing limited resources and pursuing boundless development”. The company’s major overseas offices are distributed in 28 nations and regions around the world. It has 177,000 employees and controls nine listed companies at home and abroad, with total assets of RMB 242.1 billion.

S & S Technology is a hi-tech subsidiary of the Institute, which is one of the earliest companies in China being engaged in the research, development and production of oxyhydrogen generators. It now has a production site covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters and necessary production equipment, production lines, testing equipment, and component aging screening equipment, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 sets.
Right now our HHO generator series is including the small mode: HHO60, HHO100, HHO200, HHO300, HHO400, HHO500, HHO600; and the big mode: HHO1500, HHO2500, HHO4500, HHO6500, HHO9500, and Carbon cleaning machine CCM1500A, CCM1500B.
So far, we have made more than 780 items which has the world or domestic advanced level of scientific research. We are gained 24 National Conference on Science Award, more than 500 national scientific and Technological progress awards and 54 State Patents. We promote the use those scientific achievements into many fields like engineering construction, machinery, nonferrous metal, coal, gold and electrical industries. The production of all kinds of products and equipment exported to more than 20 countries and regions and won the markets with reliable quality, good reputation and the products leading edge technology. Truth-seeking innovation, quality first, the good faith service, continuous improvement are our commitments to the society and client.
We also will go all out, develop an expanse the energy business, make our contribution to improve the environment of our earth, reduce the use the fossil energy and realize no carbon emission target.

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