Anole 0.7mmT Borofloat 33 glass bk7 b270 optical glass for camera optical glass

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Product Description
High borosilicate glass (also known as hard glass), is processed by advanced technology, using the conductive characteristic in high temperature to internal heat glass to melt it .The thermal expansion coefficient is (3.3+ /-0.1)x10-6/K, so some people also call it "borosilicate glass 3.3". It is a kind of special glass material that is of low inflation, high temperature resistant, high strength, high hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. For the excellent performance, it is widely used in solar power, chemical industry, pharmaceutical packaging, electric light source, craft decorations and other industries.
Product Feature
-very high transmittance of UV & IR and extremely low fluorescence intensity

-extremely low thermal expansion ratio, strong thermal shock resistance and 450 for long term working temperature

-excellent chemical stability, high resistance to water, acid, alkali and other organics

-excellent scratch resistance, extremely high hardness and 20% lower density than common soda-lime glass

-excellent electrical insulator for its very low alkali
Product Specification / Models
-solar power

-chemical industry

-pharmaceutical packaging

-electric light source

-craft decorations
Application / Models
-solar power

-chemical industry

-pharmaceutical packaging

-electric light source

-craft decorations
Other Information
The thermal expansion ratio of high borosilicate glass is just about 1/3 of the common glass, which will reduce the influence of temperature gradient stress, and make its fracture resistance properties stronger. High borosilicate glass is the indispensable material in telescope and reflector due to its small shape deviation. It is also can be used to dispose high radioactive waste.
Changsha Anole Precision Glass Co., ltd., located in Wangcheng economic&technical development zone Hunan Province China, is a professional glass manufacturer and supplier. We are dealing with high borosilicate, aluminosilicate, soda-lime, quartz glass: Schott glass(B270\D263\Borofloat33), Corning glass(Gorilla\Eagle-XG\AF32\Lotus\Willow), ultra-thin glass, tempered glass screen protector, semiconductor wafer, ceramic glass(fireplace window, microwave oven component, induction cooker component), optical glass(LED filament glass substrate,high-power floodlight lenses,cosmetic instrument filter, antireflection lenses, stage lighting filter, medical equipment filter, ultraviolet filter, infrared filter), fire resistant glass, explosion resistant glass, bullet-proof glass and so on.
We can offer customized glass processing and individualized business solutions. We are trying to provide you high quality products with reasonable price. We warmly welcome your consulting for the products information at any time.

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