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Product Description
VCI Anticorrosive Liquid is made of high quality VCI gas phase inhibitor and special water soluble compound.The water soluble inhibitor adheres on the metal surface to form firm layer to avoid metal surface contacting with air.In the same time the VCI gas phase inhibitor volatilize and touch the metal surface,the molecular concentrates and hydrolysis with moisture in the air,then form protective ion layer to totally cover the metal surface.The liquid can be used to antirust in storage and transport process of automobile and motorcycle parts, motor, power transmission equipment, hardware tools, all kinds of lathes, weapons and other metal products. It also has alleviated corrosion effect to rusty parts.

And the liquid is without chromate, phosphate,etc.harmful substances, it is environmental and safe.Even in the relative humidity 100% environment, it still can fully meet the antirust need.
Product Feature
1.The VCI liquid can still play its antirust effects on work pieces soaked in corrosive water solution, chlorine solution and halogen solution.

2.The liquid can still fully meet the antirust demands even in the 100% relative humidity environment.

3.The liquid is resistant to high temperature. Applying small amount of the liquid to the high-temperature deep-well equipment for petroleum or natural gas exploration can prevent the equipment from rusting.

4.The liquid may be applied to the short-term process antirust for machining parts, and may also achieve long-term antirust with their sealed packaging.

5.The liquid may be biologically decomposed, being unharmful to environment.

6.The liquid contains no chlorides, phosphate and heavy metals, being safe to environment. It passes SGS certification and meets RoHS directives.
Application / Models
The VCI liquid is applicable to ferrous metal, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, plated metal, zinc and its alloy, chrome and its alloy, cadmium and its alloy, nickel and its alloy, tin and its alloy, aluminum and its alloy, and other metal materials and their products.
Other Information
Application Method:

1.Clean and dry the articles for antirust, without residual fragments, dirty marks and other filth left on them.

2.Evenly spray, brush or soak the articles for antirust with the primary liquid or its diluent, dry them in air, and keep them in a cool, dry place. For long-term antirust, place the treated articles for antirust in a plastic bag or other container for sealed package.

3.Spray appropriate amount of the liquid in a packaging unit (such as carton, packaging bag), and seal it immediately.

4.To achieve complete antirust without packaging, directly soak the articles for antirust completely in the liquid.

5.Operate with clean gloves, and do not contact the articles for antirust with naked hands.

Validity Period of Antirust:

Short-term antirust: two~three weeks (uncovered)

Long-term antirust: one~two years (use according to required specifications)

Custody and Storage:

With sealed package, it shall be kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunshine and no contact with sources of ignition and corrosive materials. The quality guarantee period shall be twelve months from the date of delivery.
Suzhou Rustop Protective Packaging Co., Ltd is a professional company specialized in manufacturing, marketing and providing technical services for the new antirust products-VCI gas phase antirust products. Relying on technical exchange and cooperation with various well-known international enterprises and domestic scientific research institutes in the field of VCI protection, we are committed to popularize and promote the antirust and anti-corrosion idea of “environment-friendly, convenience, economy and high efficiency” to the international companies and domestic companies engaging in auto spare parts, electromechanics, machinery, metal materials, aviation manufacture, hardware products, molding and cutlery products, powder metallurgy, sophisticated equipment and other industries involving the problem of metal antirust. Meanwhile, we provide high-quality products at low price and best service to meet the needs of various personalized antirust designs for the products from different customers, getting rid of rust and corrosion stains forever.
We have been growing with more than 200 international and domestic enterprises for about six years in the past. In 2009, we established Suzhou You’er Packing Material Factory in an attempt to provide more professional and specialized products and services so as to further respond to the multi-level, all-directional market demands. We look forward to your correspondences and cooperation!

Our company is:
1.Qualified with ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Certification;
2.A member enterprise of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection;
3.A member enterprise of Alibaba Trustpass;
4.Qualified with SGS International Certification.

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