Antimicrobial Peptides(Ecotide)/shrimp feed additives/Aquaculture health Products

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Product Description
1:Antimicrobial peptides(Ecotide) have Immunomodulation capacity, it can be improved the animal immune system and make the body healthier. Meanwhile, It significantly enhance the livestock and poultry disease-resistant ability

2:Antimicrobial peptides(Ecotide) has a broad spectrum kill pathogens and inhibit microbial capacity ,. It aims at Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, Circovirus, swine fever virus, Newcastle disease virus and other various types of animal viruses and some fungus

3:It is made through advanced productive technology process of high activity, high stability, high heat resistance production; It can be used in feed processing.

4:Pure natural feed additive: Safe, No residual issue, No drug resistance
Product Specification / Models
Composition:Bacillus subtilis, Cathelicidin-Clavanin , Defensin, Oligosaccharides
Application / Models
1. The per unit of shrimp production increased by 16.7%

2. The feed conversion ratio reduce by 0.14;

3. Accelerate the molting of shrimp, promote growth, improve the meat quality of shrimp, increase the hardness of shrimp
Other Information

Storage: kept it in a dry, ventilated, cool, dark condition.

Suggesting using all the products once the bag is open, Otherwise, seal up the leftover feed additive hermetically within the Bag; Shelf-Life: 12 Months under 25u00b0C and well seale
**We Specialise in Animal health Products&Feed Additives**

Sichuan Rota Bioengineering Co., Ltd is a bioengineering company integrated with manufacture, study and research, specialized in development and application of peptide biology, micro biology and gene engineering etc on animal health and nutrition.

We are a family enterprise, from a Biological family .Wang family devoting whole life to cell biology.

Our boss 's father called Dr. xi zhong,wang.(chinesed name is 王喜忠 ) He is great scientist .also he is frist founder of cell biology in China. He is professor in life and health scienses academy in Sichuan University
He have written a book called 《Cell biology 》which sell hot in

Boss's brother called Dr.xiao ,(chinesed name is 王小忠)He is docto and scientistr of medical physiology in New York univeristy. Perfessor in Amercia Northwest University. Our tech comes from U.S.A,because Dr.xiao zhong,wang have his own lab in Amercia Nowthwest University.

Our boss called Dr.xiao xing,wang.(chinesed name is 王小行) He is doctor of plant molecular biology in Sichuan University.​​

Main product is Antimicrobial Peptides(Ecotide)

Antimicrobial peptides, shorted for AMPs, are an micro-molecule polypeptides with biological activity, which are induced and generated by body in vivo. It’s consisted of 20 to 60 amino acids. AMPs have strong thermostability, broad-spectrum antibacterial and improve immunity. In 1980s, Swedish scientist G. Boman and its team firstly found and got AMPs from wild silkworm, which was called Cecropin. Since then, more and more AMPs were found from bacteria, fungus, inspects and mammal, even on human. With deeper and deeper study on AMPs, it proves that some AMPs also have good effects on fungus, virus and cancer cell. So far, AMPs are thought to be best alternative for antibiotics on animal as an feed additive.


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