APP (ammonium polyphosphate for fire retardant coating)

Minimum Order
25kg in PE lined woven ba
Product Description
SHIAN-APP is a kind of white powder produced through a special process. It is crystal TWO type,a polyamic phosphate prevent from burning dope whose polymerization size greater than 1000. This dope has such characters, as difficult to dissolve in the water, entirely no-dissolve in the organic solvent, no-moisture absorption, hard to burning and so on. Comparing to the traditional polyamic phosphate, the dope has such advantages:Markedly decrease the dissolve in the water;Markedly decrease the visco in the solution:Markedly increase the consistent of the preventing from burning dope to the polymer and the colophony:Greatly increase the decompose temperature, increase the expand capability during burning.
Product Feature
High aggregation degree n>1000, perfect TWO crystal structure; provide low water-solubility, more good diffusibility and excellent waterproof performance.Shi an-APP high thermal-stability insure the expand preventing from burning dope with Shi an-APP has a well absorbability to the layer surface and the stability of the Carbon layer in which the after the expand. Thus can avoid the preventing from burning dope falling off after expand, ensure a stability exertion of the prevent from burning effect.More fine grain, ensure a stability exertion of the Shi an-APP preventing from burning effect.
Product Specification / Models
CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS Ammonium Polyphosphate-HItemtStandardtTest ResultAppearancetWhite fine powdertWhite fine powderDegree of polymerizationt>1000t>1000Content of Phosphorust31.0-32.0%(w/w)t31.62%Content of Nitrogent13.0-15.0%(w/w)t14.33%MoisturetMax.0.25%(w/w)t0.13%Viscosity(25 DEGREE in 10% suspension)tMax.50mPa.st20 mPa.spH valuet5.5-7.5t5.87Solubility in watertMax.0.5g/100mL water,25DEGREEt0.36g/100Ml waterDensity 25 DEGREE kg/LtAbout 1.9t1.9Bulk density 25DEGREE kg/LtAbout 0.7t0.7Decomposed Temp. on heattMin.27 DEGREEt319 DEGREEAverage Particle sizet15umt15.71un
Application / Models
Application in expand dope As the low water-solubility, APP is special suit to use as the acid source of the expand dope. The speed-charcoal dope and the vesicant must be included in the dope fill a prescription. The expand dope on the steel structure can satisfied the DIN4102 fireproofing grade. APP also can be used as the expand dope of the wooden or plastics, can reach the B1(Din4102) grade of the architecture material. For the bond and the sealant, 15-20% APP can have a well performance to prevent from burning.Polyester foamFor PU, APP is a very suitable preventing from burning dope without halogen. But, the solid APP is not well used. Then put the APP into muti-alcoholic to make the suspend liquid is advised. Because APP has a low acid value, has no influence to the froth system, APP can also be put into the isomerous cyanogen acid ester to make the suspend liquid to use. To provide the APP solid sedimentation, please mix uniformity before using.Other applicationAPP has well preventing from burning performance in the fiber base material (paper, wooden). Append 15-20% APP to the hard paper product can research the DIN4102 B1 grade for preventing from burning. Append 15-20% APP to the thermo-solid colophony such as around oxygen colophony or non-saturation colophony can research the UL94-V0 grade.
Our company has been engaged in the export of APP (Ammonium Polyphosphate for fire retardant coating), melamine and for more than ten years. After these years’ continuous research, reform and innovation, now our APP has reached the world's most advanced level. It’s environment friendly and non-toxic. Its superiority and stability have received the customers’ consistent affirmation from home and abroad. Our company relies on the concept of cooperation and mutual benefit, which has made our company become the largest distributor for the Korean market. We hope to cooperate with your company and the product price will be very competitive. You may also visit our website: three w dot shiansh dot com ,which includes our latest product line.

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Flame retardant Ammonium polyphosphate-APP

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Flame Retardant APP ammonium polyphosphate

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