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LuvA means we love clean and clear air.

Luva is a new and evolutionary mini-humidifier that can be used for aromatherapy for family use, due to easy use of aroma and air-purifier function.
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Mini-humidifier with Aromatherapy

LuvA means we love clean cna clera air.
LuvA is a new and evolutionary mini-humidifier that can be used for aromatheraphy for family use, due to easy use of aroma and air-purifier function.

  1. Compact & Stylish design

  2. Simple structure, Easy to use

  3. Using quiet & Hygienic

  4. Small but High Efficiency

Launched in Aromaliz shop & shopping mall in Korea

.It is designed as a small and pretty one to be well-matched with any offices and rooms.
.It is small but solid and durable.
.It minimizes dazzling light and noises for deep and sound sleep.

.Use with aroma pad for comfortably exchanging aroma by it needs.
.Not put inside aroma directly on water tank, prevention of damaged product, aroma fragrance loss prevention and clean to use.

.The water tank is designed so simple to easily clean its inside.
.Water tank is small but it can be used for a maximum of 12 hours. Germicide is not required.
.Easy to use with light, simple for exchanging water.

.Micro nonwoven filter is installed to prevent the inhalation of outside contaminant.
.Outside contaminant attached to a nonwoven filter can be easily cleaned by a vacuum cleaner.

.The use of silicon reg-rests to prevent a slide makes out product safer to use.
.An electric plug is located at the bottom for neat appearance.

01. Possible only with the use of aromatherapy fragrance pads are easy to replace.

02. It can also be used as a humidifier to mitigate air dryness

As opposed to other low-end humidifier, our aromatheraphy mini-humidifier generates plentiful humidification enough to ensure a comfortable level of humidity even in a dry room.

Gwellkorea always try to make better product for customer's healthy life.

We will become a global company providing the most advanced products to customer aims for customer's satisfaction as well as creating true organizatio value beyond the prosperity of our business.

G is symbol of earth, korea is our country, the Gwellkorea is based on proud of our country and our wanna be a Global company. the color of logo light orange is expression of our ambience and creative mind of our company.

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Aroma Diffuser With Adjustable Mist, Fragrant Aroma Diffuser Humidifier For Office

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