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When entering in the complications of diabetes, skin aging, fatigue, cancer, several inflammations, and vascular system diseases, oxygen free radicals are usually the final root. Recently, hydrogen water is known for its method of removing oxygen free radicals more effectively.
When drinking by dissolving hydrogen in water, neutralization reaction occurs as it combines with oxygen free radicals and changes to safe and potable water, which is harmless to the body, and then can be excreted it as urine or sweat.
The Arui H2maker is the new concept hydrogen producer dissolving hydrogen in the water through electric decomposition.

1. Simple one-touch button
-When pressing the button, the LED lighting turns on and hydrogen begins to appear.
2. Confirmation of its effectiveness is possible through the hydrogen bubbles
-As the water is electrically decomposed, you can see the hydrogen bubbles coming up.
3. Abundant dissolved hydrogen within three minutes
-The numerical value of the hydrogen can vary depending on the types of water.
4. With electricity decomposition, drinking is convenient as abundant hydrogen appears in the short time of three minutes.
5. Uses PPSU material for the water bottle, which is also used for baby nursing bottles
-For the water bottle, we used quality material that does not produce environmental hormones.
6. Attached ceramic filter
-The ceramic filter in the cover supplements the insufficient minerals and has the role of removing any smell.

When constantly drinking hydrogen water, it improves the immunity of the body and delays aging. According to research results, drinking 1.5 liters of hydrogen water has the same antioxidant effect as eating 30 carrots.

Arui Corporation aims at contributing to making the world more beautiful, where everyone can enjoy true happiness with complete physical and mental health.
Arui specializes in making Hydrogen Water Makers and we are aiming to go one step further from just providing people with clean water, through the popularization of hydrogen water, which actually improves people’s health.
With the belief that a type of work that began with a sense of calling bears the best outcome, we will do our best to supply great products with our accumulated technology, creative development, and sincere minds.

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