Automatic Assembling H Beam Production Line High Frequency

Minimum Order
one set
wooden pallet
T/T or LC
Product Description
H-beam Automatic Assembling Machine is a kind of full-automatic assembly equipment for H-beam developed by ourselves based on broad market investigation and inquiry on customers. Assembling precison is better and speed is fast, maturate and steady, which have been manufactured in large batch and used in the market.Main frame has the flange and web plate alignment and clamping function, which is driven by the interlocked unit at the same time, the flange and web alignment and clamping unit has two sets for each, which is driven by the hydraulic cylinder separately, the hydraulic cylinder pushing the rack and driven the gear transmission, the gear can driven the others transmission unit (Chain and wheel), the motion will be changed into linear traveling by the lead screw. It pushes the flange and web clamping wheel at both sides at the same time to finish the flange and web clamping and alignment. Flange and web plate adopts hydraulic cylinder pushing, not only with large strangth,but also increasing the flange and web clamping flexible. When the flange width is not equal or not regulated for cutting reason, or the thickness is variable for the web connecting welding seam, it can avoid the workpiece pass trouble automaticly.
Product Feature
Machine body: main frame, upper gantry assemble flange, web in phase clamping aligning unit, driving reducer.

Input conveyor: 14000mm.

Output conveyor: 14000mm.

Clamping method: bilateral hydraulic driven clamping.

Hydraulic system: oil pump station, high pressure hose, hydraulic cylinders etc.

Automatic welding system: 2 sets of KR-350 Co2 welding machine, auto welding unit.

Spare parts: buttons *3, 3 pieces of 4A 2A fuses each.
Product Specification / Models
Height of the web: 200-1500 mm

Thickness of the web: 6-32 mm

Width of the flange: 200-800 mm

Thickness of the flange: 6-40 mm

Length of the work piece: 4000-18000 mm

Length of the roller way: 28000 mm

Input conveyor: 14000 mm

Output conveyor: 14000 mm

Electrical system: Siemens
Application / Models
It is necessary equipment for the manufacturer of fabrication, h beam, I beam , T beam produce in chemical industry, steel structure and so on.
Other Information
1. Main electric elements are Siemens / Schneider.

2. Have strong design team, experience engineers supply good service.

3. Solve your technical problems in 24 hours and provide international warranty service for engines.

4. Design the appearance form according to customers' request.

5. More than 13 years professional production experience, the quality is reliable.

6. CE and FCC certification.

7. Punctual delivery.

8. Accept OEM and ODM requirements.

9. Accept testing before delivery.
Friendship Machinery is a world leader in automatic welding machine for steel fabrication field and industrial pipeline construction projects, providing an extensive range of equipment for a variety of project applications.
Year after year, automatic welding systems from Friendship Machinery are designed, tested, used, and continuously upgraded in every type of environment. Our customers enjoy industry-leading repair rates that are constantly improving: from less than 5% in 2001 to less than 2% in 2012.
The performance record of our specially designed and manufactured automatic welding machine is the backbone of Friendship Machinery's reputation. The proven ability of every set machine is why customers have returned to us repeatedly for new applications, designs and machinery as their products change and expand. We are proud of that fact.
Our main products: H&I beam welding line, T beam welding line, box column beam line, CNC multi-head plate cutting line, beam assembly machine, straightening equipment, steel pipe welding line, shot blasting machine, CNC flame/plasma cutting equipment, welding assisting machinery incl. Welding manipulator, welding positioner, turning roll (welding rotator), Membrane wall panel production line, which are widely used in many industries like aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, chemical equipment, boiler pressure vessels, steel structure construction, etc.
Since 1990s, the market for steel structure building industry boomed. With fast development, very short period for construction and beautiful external appearance, as well reasonable price was occupied in the market of building industry. We invest more on developing roll forming machine such as Metal roof &wall panels machines, C&Z purlin machines drywall Stud-track forming machines , Metal decks machines , No- girder and Column curves forming machines, Guard rails forming machines , Downspout pipes forming machines and so on.

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