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 Auxiliary anode according to use environment is mainly divided into two categories:the soil environment of the auxiliary anode; water environment (primarily marine environment) auxiliary anode.We can provide the soil environment (such as land pipeline, storage tank) used in the MMO anode, high silicon cast iron anodes and their assembling the anode body, conducting polymers in recent years, and introduced the flexible anode, developed the MMO type flexible anode, has been applied to a lot of series of engineering projects in China. Provides the seawater environment auxiliary anode are: the MMO anode, high silicon cast iron anode, graphite anode, lead silver alloy, platinum niobium anode, etc.

   Mixed metal oxide anode is usually on the titanium substrate thermal sintering layer of flexible, corrosion resistant, high conductivity stability of precious metal oxides, such as IrO2 / Ta2O5, generally in 1 ~ 1.2 microns thick, general for the mesh shape, strip, tube, linear, plate/sheet, rod.Applicable to the soil, sewage, sea water, the reinforced concrete. Its characteristic is the current output of high density, low consumption rate of [3 - 6mg/ (A - a)].The advantage is low consumption, stable resistance, minimum voltage drop. For: it is recommended to use the current density in the seawater environment 600 amps/square meters, 100 amps/m2 in the freshwater environment.

  High silicon cast iron anodes (around 14.5% d) containing silicon have sufficient raw material and the advantage of low price, is the most widely used auxiliary anode material.Because the anode surface to form a stable layer of silicon dioxide film, silicon anode has better anti-corrosion performance.The silicon anode is widely used in Marine structures, buried pipelines cathodic protection of environment.It is a kind of low resistance, low consumption, low energy loss of the anode.

High silicon cast iron anodes mainly has two kinds of rod and tube type structure.Compared with rod anode, tubular anode has the following advantages: reduce the anode electrolysis, increasing the weight ratio of surface area, so as to reduce the current density, conducive to the production of gas diffusion, which is very important for deep installations, cable connection position at the center of the tube, improve the current spreading, released at the end of the charge.

   Flexible anode is made of MMO anode wire, coke backfill, fabric coated sleeve (packing bags) and wear braid components. Mixed metal oxide / copper conductor cable inner core, covered with charcoal backfill in pre-packaged soft sheath.

MMO flexible anode anode body is coated with anodes which is based on titanium for mixed metal oxide oxidation of iridium IrO2/ tantalum Ta2O5, anode working life and the rated current is determined by the anode body.

    Titanium anode main body is composed of a continuous substrate.The coating on the titanium substrate is the iridium/tantalum metal oxide mixture which is able to adapt to a high temperature environment, stable crystal structure, catalytic and good conductive properties.


Grid anode cathodic protection system

System composition, mainly including intelligent potentiostat, mixed metal oxide anode strip, conductive plate, explosion-proof junction box, reference electrode, cathode/anode cable, test cable, etc.

Grid anode cathodic protection system is currently on the international advanced specialized for newly-built tanks a effective cathodic protection method, especially for the new construction of large storage tanks, whether it is from the cost, or the protection effect and the protection of life consider, at present the system is best choice. The system is an applied current cathodic protection system, the auxiliary anode is titanium based mixed metal oxide anodes with titanium conductive sheet and a cross welding and the anode and the special cable connector from the anode network leads to cable as anode cable and the anode pre buried in the storage tank foundation backfill sand.


Qingdao Ansine Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology service company specialized in the corrosion and protection technology. Our technical team include researchers and senior engineers with more than thirty years experience in CP industry. All the employees are trained with professional corrosion protection technology. Our company is well-equipped with a number of advanced inspection equipments, and has a professional team with design, R&D, engineering and installation.
Our company adhere to "focus on technology, whole-hearted service" as the core value. In recent years, we have invested abundant human, material and financial resources into the new technology and product development. Products quality is continuously improved under the production process optimization . Based on the strong technical strength, good quality products and perfect after-sale technical support, we have taken our place in the corrosion control filed domestic and abroad, and received favorable comments.
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