Baita shanyin original wine 6 years aged 600ml

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Baita shanyin original wine 6 years aged 600ml


Type:original wine

Year:6 years aged



Shaoxing Baita Brew Beer Co., Ltd., founded in May 1964, is located in Taoyan Town at the bank of Baita River with beautiful scenery. That's why it is called "Baita". Baita River belongs to the headwater of Jianhu Lake, so the water is clear, sweet, and tasty with many minerals and "Baita" Shaoxing wine is clear, transparent, fragrant, mellow, fresh and cool, with the unique taste and typical flavor of Shaoxing wine. It is the top grade among Shaoxing wine. Our products are sold in many foreign countries and regions including Japan, Thailand, America, Britain and Italy. The brewery has a long history and reserves a large amount of high-quality aged wine, so it can produce 3-30 year old high-quality yellow rice wine. Meanwhile, our products are divided into four series-dry type Yuanhong, semi-dry type Jiafan, semi-sweet type Shanniang, sweet type Xiangxue. With the development of market economy, our company has developed many popular new products such as Diaowang Wine, Xiashuang, Jiulixiang and Kabinett raw wine. The varieties increase to over 200 from several. The rate of new products increases continuously and the annual sales revenue of new products accounts for more than 50%. The output increases to about 10,000 tons from more than 1,000 tons. Our products win favor of domestic and foreign consumers.

With the reform and openness, the economic system changes. In 1999, Shaoxing Taoyan Brewery was transformed into sole proprietorship and renamed as Shaoxing Baita Brewery. The enterprise scale expanded continuously. In 2003, Shaoxing Baita Brewery developed into a medium-sized enterprise. Our products are sold at home and abroad. To promote the enterprise level and image and develop into a larger and stronger enterprise, the enterprise was renamed as Shaoxing Baita Brew Beer Co., Ltd. in 2005.

Our company covers an area of 113mu, and owns more than 180 employees, total assets of RMB 263.56 million, two full-automatic filling line and one semi-automatic filling line. The workshop environment and sanitary requirement have been planned and designed according to "HACCP food safety mode". Our company owns complete quality inspection equipments, inspection personnel with certificates, and QS production license. The clean and green factory owns advanced modern filling line and annually yields 12,000 tons of yellow rice wine and 15,000 tons of bottle wine.

The registered trademark includes Baita, Yueguan, Yuejiang, Yueting and Shanyindao. "Baita" brand was selected as one of the "Top 10 Users' Satisfactory Brands" in 2005. Our company owns complete sales network and our products are sold in Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and Fujian and many foreign countries and regions including America, Britain, Japan and Italy. Now our company actively develops the Southeast Asian market. With the care and support of leaders and departments, our economic benefits increase in recent years through the concerted efforts of all staff.

Baita series products have been identified as qualified products through the spot checks of the provincial, municipal and county bureaus and irregular spot check of national relevant departments since 2004. Through the statistics of relevant superior departments, the output and sales volume of "Baita" trademark rank among the top six provincial Shaoxing wine manufacturers. In 2003, our company was certified to ISO14001 Environmental Management System. In 2004, our company was certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System. "Baita" trademark was identified as Shaoxing Municipal Famous Trademark by Shaoxing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce in December 2004, and selected as "Recommended Products of Zhejiang Consumers' Association" by Zhejiang Consumers' Association. In 2010, our company was awarded Shaoxing County "Credit Enterprise". In 2011, our company was awarded Shaoxing Municipal "Credit Enterprise". In 2005, our company was certified to QS and was awarded "Inspection-free Enterprise" by Shaoxing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce. Our company has been awarded A-level and AA-level "Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit" by Shaoxing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and Shaoxing County Administration for Industry and Commerce in successive years. In 2007, it was identified as Zhejiang Famous Trademark by Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2007 and again in 2011.

Our company also coordinates with the surroundings, and reduces environmental pollution. The yellow rice wine enterprise belongs to a special industry. The waste can be used. The rice milk and distillers' grains can be sold to farms, and the glass bottles, cartons and coal slag can be recycled. The important element for making yellow rice wine-Baita River has been well protected. The creature in Baita River is still popular with guests, and is known as "green food".

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