Bank Interlock access control system

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Dimension;285mm ×240mm×82mm
Product Description
Interlock Access Control System for Bank

1.What Bank Interlock Access Control System is;

Bank robbery is more and more common in the world.Crimes committed against banks become significant problem. Therefore, how to promote the security of bank becomes very important for a country.Shenzhen zectal electronic co., ltd,our company design the Bank Interlock Access Control System SW3020.

With special voice prompt function and Digital Signal Processing technology,SW3020 is dedicated used in Business hall of bank,and also some prisons.

What Bank Interlock Access Control System is;

There are 2 doors for the Business Hall of banks,Door A and Door B.Any person open the door A,then enter the Business Hall.For the security of the bank,If he try to open the door B,he have to make sure door A is closed completely.

SW3020 control the locking of these 2 doors, such that if one door is open or unlocked, the remaining doors refuse access.Each door is electrically locked and monitored. The control electronics then generates a control signal to indicate when the door is closed and secure. Each controller also has a Door Sensor to detect the door state. By cross connecting these control signals, the door controllers communicate the door status, and only open one door at any given time.

With the special Voice Prompt Function,the machine can remind you in time.Make sure the operator obtain the door state.And close the door in time.

With dedicated 5-Keypad,the manager can control both doors in emergency.

With 2 dedicated Security Passwords;You can enter the passwords to close both Doors in emergency.

Product Feature
2.System Set-up and Main Functions;

This chapter describes basic set-up of the SW3020 Access Control System.Figure 1;

1).Main controller SW3020;

The SW3020 is a microprocessor-based Access Control System with many advanced features built in.It is the heart of the system,which housed and the central processor and perform all the control function.And there are a number of connectors at the edge of the controller casing for linking to the other device in the system.This special design make sure the installation more easily.


1.Interlock feature;If one door doesn't close completely,you can't open the other door.

i.e. If door A doesn't close,SW3020 voice remind"please close door A".At the same time,the Card Reader and Push Button of Door B can't work.After you close the door A,door sensor detect and the SW3020 confirm the signal.Then you can open the Door B.The same of Door B.

2.With 2 dedicated Duress Passwords;You can enter the passwords to close both Doors in emergency.

3.Reset Button;If anyone input the wrong passwords 5 times,the system close both doors for 5 mins and start sound&light alarm.You can recover by Reset Button.

4.In emergency:You can open/close the both doors.

i.e. You can open both doors for fire alarm,smoke alarm and so on.You can close both doors for Bank robbery.

5.Control the lights;Usually there are lights between Door A,Door B.If you open the door,the system can turn on the lights(<400W) for you at the same time.

6.Reset the manager password;If you forget the manager password and can't operate the system.You can connect the Reset Key(TP1) and turn on the power of SW3020.The 3 lights of SW3020 flash for seconds and send out a long "beep",release the Reset Key.Then the manager password reset to 88888888.


With dedicated 5-Keypad,the manager can control both doors in emergency.

1.Doors AB open button;In emergency,such as fire alarm,smoking alarm,gas alarm,manager can press the "Doors AB open" button.Door A & Door B both open for 5s,then System Restore.So all the persons can leave the bank quickly.

2.Doors AB close button;In emergency,such as bank robbery, the manager can press "Doors AB close" button to close Door A & Door B.

3.Reset Button;You can use Reset Button to Restore the system.

i.e.Anyone press the wrong password 5times,the doors both close.

In emergency,someone input the Duress password and the doors both close.

4.Door A open & Door B open;You can press "Door A open" or "Door B open" key to open the door.Only make sure the other door is close.


There are 3 main kinds of Readers,IC Readers,ID Readers,Fingerprint Readers.All support the Wiegand 26/34.

Normal readers are for reading the ID/IC number encoded on the identification card.Fingerprint Readers are to identify fingerprint of users,which are necessary when the much more secure modes of operation are required,for example:ID/IC card + password.We offer a wide range of readers that may be used in SW3020.

4).Door sensor;

The Door sensor is a device for detecting whether the door is open or closed.It is linked to the controller SW3020.

5).Electric Door Lock;

The electric Door Lock is an electromagnetic device used to lock or unlock a door.When the device is "activated",the door can be opened.When it is "deactivated",it cannot be opened.There are many different types of door locks in use depending in the type of door it has to control.And for the Bank Access control system,we choose Mute Lock, less noise

Mute Lock DS2066

This is DC12V/20mA New Safe Optimized Mute Lock DS2066, unlock electronically or by hand, flexible switch, low electricity consumption. This Door Locks fit for different kinds of doors. When bolt extends out, the door can be locked normally, because the bolt can amend by itself to cause the latch retract. This Electric Door Lock easy installation onto pocket- type doors with just a simple cut in door edge.


Automatically lock when closed

Locking dog streches more than 0.79",conforming to GA/T 73-945.6B standard

Used with
Product Specification / Models
3.System Set-up and Main Functions;

Cable Specification Cecommencation;

1).Cable for power Supply;

24AWG(0.6mm),2 cores for 60m.

22AWG(0.8mm),2 cores for 90m.

18AWG(1.2mm),2 cores for 150m.

2).Cable for Wiegand Reader being linked to Controller;

At least 22AWG(0.8mm),screened 4 cores or 6 cores.

3).Cable for Other Device being linked to Controller;

At least 11AWG(0.8mm),screened 4-8 cores.

4.Product list;

SW3020 Access Controller with Power and Box 1pcs

Readers(ID,IC,Fingerprint all OK) 2/4pcs

Push Button 2pcs

Door sensor 2pcs

Power for Mute Lock 2pcs

Mute Lock 2pcs


1. Basic Specification;

Lock Output; 2

Reader Input; 4

Push Button Input; 2

Card response time; <1s (Power stability)

Door Open Time; 0.1s to 25.5s (Depending on your setting)

Door Sensor Input; 2

Alarm Output; 2

Alarm Response Time;0.1s to 25.5s (Depending on your setting)

Fire Alarm Input; 1

(TTL Input; you can choose such as; Smoke Sensor, Gas Sensor, Glass Break Sensor.)

2. Mainframe-box

Dimension;285mm u00d7240mmu00d782mm



3. MotherBoard


Colour;Dark Blue


4. Working conditions;

Work Temperature;-10 ~ 60degree

Storage Temperature;0~ 50degree

Humidity;<95% R.H (non-condensation)


Application / Models
With special voice prompt function and Digital Signal Processing technology,SW3020 is dedicated used in Business hall of bank,and also some prisons.
Shenzhen zectal electronic co., ltd,which has been established in shenzhen of China since February,2002.It is one of the mid-scale enterprise and specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of See-world series of Access Control System.

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