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The modern perfumery and cosmetic industry is constantly improving the care for the life and hygiene of the people. The Bath salts are considered today irreversible part of the natural Spa & Aromatherapy cosmetics.
Product Feature
Two lines of Baths salts - Spa & Aromatherapy are available:

I. For personal care - in 440 g bottles.

II. For Spa & Aromatherapy centers - in 1,3 kg bottles.
Product Specification / Models
I. Bath salts for personal care - in 440 g bottles:

1. Bath salts with Geranium oil.

It has antiseptic and anti-allergic action. Tonics and strengthens nervous system. Raises spirit, creates sense of calmness and balance.

2. Bath salts with Vetiver oil.

Possesses calming and relaxing effect. Appropriate for dry skin and for skin susceptible to allergies. Strong aphrodisiac action.

3. Bath salts with Santal oil.

It has relaxing and antidepressive action. Skin tonic. Gives harmony in body, mind and soul. Strong aphrodisiac.

4. Bath salts with Rosemary oil.

This product possesses tonic and painkilling effect. Stimulates body and mind. In case of stress and fatigue has refreshing results. Brings stability and strengthens concentration. Positive results for stretch marks.

5. Bath salts with Rose oil.

Has effect on sensitive skin and for skin susceptible to allergies. Retards skin aging process and restore its vitality. It is strong antidepressant, euphoric and aphrodisiac agent. Balances discomfort between body, mind and soul.

6. Bath salts with Peppermint oil.

Calms and refreshes skin. Has a cooling, tonic and deodoranting effect. Reduces stress and fatigue.

7. Bath salts with Lavender oil.

It possesses good relaxing and calming action. Suitable for depression and insomnia. Deodorant effect, nourishes, and regenerates skin. It helps eliminate toxins.

8. Bath salts with Lemon oil.

Tonics, refreshes and reduces nervous tension. Has tightening and antiseptic properties on oil and problem skin.

9. Bath salts with Ylang-Ylang oil.

Has an antidepressive, relaxing and euphorical effect. Gives energy to body and mind. Strong aphrodisiac.

10. Bath salts with Juniper fruits oil.

It has antibacterial and tonic effect. Tighten and improve skin structure. It has positive results for stretch marks.

II. Bath salts for Spa & Aromatherapy centers - in 1,3 kg bottles:

1. Bath salts with lavender oil.

Provide energy relaxation. Have a calming effect on anxiety. Deodorize and revitalize the skin.

2. Bath salts with Peppermint oil.

Calm and refresh skin. Have a cooling, tonic and deodoranting effect. Reduce stress and fatique.

3. Bath salts with Sandalwood oil.

Act relaxing and soothing. Tone and refresh the skin. Bring harmony to body and soul.

4. Bath salts with Juniper fruits oil.

Re-create spirit. Act tonic, revitalizing and refreshing to the skin.

5. Bath salts with Ylang-Ylang oil.

Have a relaxing and euphoric effect. Energize body and spirit.

6. Bath salts with Rose oil.

Act claming and relaxing at concern. Heart and tone the spirit with its fragrance. Harmonize body and spirit.

Private company found in 1992 y. and specialized in processing and export of agricultural products:
- foodstuffs
- canned vegetables & fruits
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- essential oils - Bulgarian Rose oil (Rose Otto), Bulgarian Lavender oil, Bulgarian Zdravetz oil, Cammomile oil, Juniper oil, Pine oils, Tansy oil, Thyme oil, etc.
- Absolutes and concretes - Rose, Lavender, Lavera, Marigold, Zdravetz, Tobbacco, etc.
- distillation waters/hydrosols - Rose, lavender, Cammomile, Juniper, Milfoil, Zdravetz, Sage, etc.
- herb extracts for the perfumery and food industry
- ready perfumery and cosmetic products

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