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Product Description
The tractors start with the strength and versatility of a compact utility tractor, this series of tractors is verified to be extremely mature and reliable, with the MTBF (mean time between failures) considerably higher than that specified in the national standards. Integrating the advantages of 28-38HP tractors, these tractors are equipped with strengthened chassis which is firm and reliable and with shifting sleeves for shift of power take-off shaft and rang shift of gearbox, thus making shift easier. With excellent leak tightness in muddy water, the tractors are especially appropriate for operations in paddy fields. In addition, the tractors are provided with a hydraulic lift system which features independent regulation of force and position hence, they can better meet all kinds of operational requirements. Supported by appropriate agricultural implements, the tractors can be used for ploughing, rotary tillage, mashing, furrowing, harrowing, sowing, intertillage fertilization, harvesting, stubble cleaning and transportation. Besides, they can be used as the power source of dewatering and threshing. Overall, they are applicable for the operation and management of medium-sized fields with the ridge width of 65-75cm. For these tractors, users can select the front axle with an additional height of 29mm(4WD) to deal with higher crops. In addition, users can also select 1.2m front and back wheel tread in order to meet the needs for operations in the fields with wider ridge. For the cover, square-shaped/streamlined types are available and for the color, orange and green are optional, which meet the aesthetic requirements of different users.
Product Feature
1.t4-cylinder engine with low energy consumption and large torque reserve;

2.tReliable and durable transmission system, with 8F+2R speed;

3.texcellent leak tightness, especially appropriate for operations in paddy fields;

4.tDisc brake device makes for outstanding brake performance;

5.tROPS, air brake, and 1 or 2 way SCV (hydraulic outlets) are optional;

6.tUses single stage clutch, dual clutch is optional for 40hp tractors;

7.tDouble speed PTO shaft, 540rpm and 1000rpm, 720 is optional;

8.tHydraulic steering is used in all 4WD tractors, and optional for other model tractors;

9.thydraulic lifter features independent regulation of force and position hence;

10.tOptional synchronizer and shuttle shift gear;

11.tStepless adjustable rear tread is optional.
Product Specification / Models

Drive Typettt4WDttt

Overall Size (LxWxH mm)ttt3520x1600x2070ttt3520x1620x2100

Wheel Base (mm)ttt1990ttt

Wheel Tread (mm)tFront Wheeltt"1300

(Option: 1200)"ttt

tRear Wheeltt"1300 ~1500

(Option: 1200~1400)"ttt

Min. Ground Clearance (mm)ttt"315

(Option: 345)"ttt"355

(Option: 405)"

Min. Operating Mass / Structure Mass (Kgs)ttt1860 / 1720t1880 / 1720t1900 / 1720t1910 / 1780


tTypettVertical, 4-Cylinder, Direct Injection, 4-Stroke, Water-Cooled, Diesel Enginettt

tRated Power (hp/kw)tt40 / 29.41t45 / 33.09t48 / 35.29t50 / 36.76

tBore x Stroke (mm)tt90 x 105t95 x 105t98 x 105t

tRated Speed (rpm)tt2400ttt

tDisplacement (L)tt2.67t2.98t3.168t

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)ttt36ttt

TyretFront Wheeltt"7.50-16

(Option: Paddy Field Tyre 7.50-16)


(Option: Paddy Field Tyre 7.50-16)"

tRear Wheeltt"11.2-28

(Option: Paddy Field Tyre11.2-28)


(Option: Paddy Field Tyre11.2-28)"

ClutchtttSingle Stage , Dry Frictionttt

BraketttDisk Brakettt

Transmissionttt"2-Shaft, 8F/2R , (4+1) x 2 Compound

(Option: Shuttle Gear)"ttt

SteeringtttPower Steeringttt

Ground Speed (Km/h)tForwardt1stt1.96 ttt1.88

tt2ndt2.48 ttt2.38

tt3rdt4.02 ttt3.85

tt4tht6.39 ttt6.12

tt5tht8.35 ttt8.00

tt6tht10.54 ttt10.10

tt7tht17.16 ttt16.45

tt8tht27.21 ttt26.08

tReverset1stt1.83 ttt1.75

tt2ndt7.79 ttt7.47



PTOtPTO Speed (rpm)tt"540, 720

(Option: 540, 1000)"ttt

tShaft Size (mm)tt6-34.79u00d728.91u00d78.69ttt

tPower (hp/kw)tt34.4 / 25.29t38.7 / 28.45t41 / 30.35t43 / 31.6

3 Point LinkagetttCat.1ttt

Max. Lift Capcity @ 610mm (kg/KN)ttt>6.62t>7.44t>7.95t>8.28

Beiye is mainly specialized in 28-75HP two-wheel and four-wheel wheeled tractors. We produce and improve the products based upon the technological advantages of domestic and overseas similar products. The tractors are equipped with heavy-duty chassis which is firm and reliable, thus they are especially applicable for operations in paddy fields and also in dry lands. In addition, the tractors can be provided with common agricultural implements. All tractors enjoy the advantages of high traction, good leak tightness, easy operation, low failure rate and outstanding performance. They are widely exported to major agricultural provinces in China and other regions such as Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

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