Bidirectional Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMB)

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Product Description
Bidirectional Tower Mounted Amplifiers (BTMA) is equipment that amplifies the primary base station uplink and downlink signals at the same time. Its main functions are as follows:

1.tEnhance the level strength of uplink and downlink, boost up deepness and extent coverage ranges.

2.tBy amplify the uplink signal to debase noise of base station receiving system, enhance sensitivity.

3.tDebase dropping rate and handoff rate, enhance talking quality.

4.tIncrease traffic, enhance economy benefits.

5.tDebase mobile phone output power, purge electromagnetic environment.
Product Feature
1.Realize plug-pull independently, online maintenance, convenient for installation.

2.Have remote wireless monitoring, adjust the TMB parameters via messages.

3.Adopting advanced LDMOS power amplifier with highly linearity and low intermodulation, the linearity and intermodulation indexes of whole machine are excellent

4.power of per carrier frequency set independently, large output power, high signal quality and high performance price ratio.

5.provide multifold power connection (220V, 48V, 24V).

6.Automatic bypass function, while input power temperature or standing wave is too high,the equipment will bypass automatically to protect equipment, and give a warning at the same time. Then the fault information could reported timely, convenient for timely maintain.

7.Crate accord with IP55 protection and high heat-dissipation design, able to work outdoor all-weather

8.Overall product series and perfect power grade to satisfy different requirements of network coverage

9.can realize networking with multifold base station types(such as: Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia, Hua Wei, Simon, etc) through different PDU.

Product Specification / Models
Technical parameters:

Maximum output power/per carrier: 46 dBm, 48 dBm, 50 dBm

Gain: 12u00b13dB

Gain adjustment range: >=20dB/1dB

Noise factor(uplink): <=3.0 dB (at maximum gain)

ALC: Control range>=30 dB

Bypass loss: <=2.5dB

Input/output VSWR: <=1.4

Stray Emission: <=-36dBm(9KHz ~ 1GHz)

<= -30dBm(9KHz ~ 12.75GHz)

Gain flatness: <=u00b10.5dB

Uplink maximum input power: 10 dBm

Downlink input power range: 15-40dBm/per carrier frequency

Local and remote monitoring: Power, gain, standing wave, input power indication, output power indication, temperature indication, fault alarm ,etc.

Remote monitoring methods: GPRS or Internet or SMS

Work temperature: -40~+55u00b0C

Average faultless working time: 50000 H

Application / Models
Mainly applicable to coverage of such open areas: rural area, road, mountainous area, etc.

Other Information

Our products, covering from common communication 2G frequency(CDMA450, CDMA800, CDMA1900, GSM, EGSM, GSM1800, GSM1900, DCS, PCS, WLAN), 3G frequency(WCDMA, UMTS, CDMA2000), Trunking Communication(TETRA, iDEN, GoTa, GT800, 350Mhz Police Communication), Railway Communication System(450MHz Radio Train Dispatch Communication Series, GSM-R Series), Military Communication, FM Broadcast Communication, UHF,VHF Interphone Communication, Marine Communication, Sea Area Coverage Systems, output power can be chose from 40W(46dBm)to 200W(53dBm).

QUANZHOU L-TEL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to research and produce all kinds of communication system repeaters, signal amplifiers, absorbed in solving wireless signal coverage problems in any situations. We have dedicated R&D engineers’ team, efficient management personnel, experienced and steady producers. We integrate R&D with production and sales, so we can OEM, ODM, and we can also customize you the special exterior and function to avoid competing. We strict quality management, pay attention to producer details, manages with integrity, so long-term cooperation will make you save more time and more money.
Our products, covering from common communication 2G frequency(CDMA450, CDMA800, CDMA1900, GSM, EGSM, GSM1800, GSM1900, DCS, PCS, WLAN), 3G frequency(WCDMA, UMTS, CDMA2000), sloar controller and integrated systems(TETRA, iDEN, GoTa, GT800, 350Mhz Police Communication), Digital TV Communication(CMMB, DVB-H, T-DMB, S-DMB), Railway Communication System(450MHz Radio Train Dispatch Communication Series, GSM-R Series), Military Communication, FM Broadcast Communication, Interphone Communication, Marine Communication, Sea Area Coverage System, coverage Repeater whole machine and all kinds of functional units.
Whole Machine Types: RF Repeater, ICS Repeater, Frequency Shifting Repeater, Companding Frequency Shifting Repeater, Digital Microwave Repeater, Fiber Optic Repeater, Digital Fiber Optic Repeater, main amplifier, Tower Mounted Amplifiers, Micro-Repeater(Mobile Phone Amplifier, Mobile Phone Chaperone Mobile Phone signal booster ) etc.
Functional Units: Low-noise Power Amplifier Integrative Module, Low-noise Band Selective Power Amplifier Integrative Module, Power Amplifier, Low-noise Amplifier, Channelized Device, Band Selective Device, Band Selective and Frequency Shifting Device, Base Station Power Amplifier Driver, Step-by-Step Attenuator, VCO, OCXO, Coupler, Power Splitter, Duplexer, Filter, Splitter Repeater Local/ Remote Monitoring System etc.
Based on our rich experience in wireless network coverage optimization, we have been familiar with each detail of the whole repeater system engineering, including site survey, equipment installation, commissioning, acceptance, service-in and after-sale service.
Various customers and friends, you are welcome to come to discuss cooperation, OEM, ODM, agency, distribution.

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