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1 ton
ISO9001,FDA,EC,Japanese Polyolefin hygiene association (PL),,OU Kosher certificate
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Product Description
BOPS is the universal abbreviation of BIAXIAL ORIENTED POLYSTYRENE, which is a new type of polymer environmental friendly packaging.Because of its great transparency, glossiness , rigidity and eminent property , BOPS sheet is known as the " glass" of plastic field and environment-friendly green material(100% recyclable), is the best and ideal food and Pharmaceutical packaging material.
Product Feature
1)Great transmittance and transparency)

With great transmittance and glossness, BOPS allows people to see delicious food clearly inside through the beautiful packaging, and enhances pepople's purchasing desire.

2)High hardness, great rigidity

With high hardness and great rigidity, BOPS can provide better protection for the packaged products. When used to produce molding products in same loading-bearing requirement, the sheet of OPS can be thinner than that of other materials, which can greatly save the material cost.

3) Light specific gravity

The specific gravity of BOPS material is only 1.05g/m3, while the one of PET material is 1.37g/ m3. To produce equal volume of sheet, the consumption of OPS material is 23.4% less than that of PET material. The material cost of BOPS is cheaper.

4)High production efficiency

Because the molding time and molding temperature of BOPS are less than those of other materials; BOPS's efficency is higher, its comsuption and labor cost is cheaper as well, when they're used to produce sheet in same shape.

5)Wide scope of application

OPS can be used under the condition from -40 C to 95C. While the modified BOPS can be used under freezing condition.

6)Sanitary and envoronmental friendly

Conforming with food hygiene and safety standards of international high level , without odor, BOPS material can contact with food directly. OPS has no pollution at the secondary treating.
Product Specification / Models
ange of the sheet thicknesst100 to 750 um

range of Roll widtht330 to 1500mm(<3300mm)

coatingtno coating/one side silicone/double sides silicone

size of roll coret3 inches(7.62cm), 6 inches(15.24cm)

Common Diameter of Rollt38cm(carton)/56cm/68cm(horizontal)/72cm/75cm/100cm

Common size of Pallett1120*1120mm/1450*750mm/725*725mm/1400*1130mm

Type of pallettCan be lifted on single /double/all side(s)

Application temperaturet-20 to +95

expiryt24 months
Application / Models
snack box and tray, cake box and tray, fresh meat tray, inner container, medicine tray, sushi box and tray and packaging for other food.

Products colors: white, pale yellow, blue, orange, brown, black and other customized colors
Shanghai Winko Plastics Co., Ltd belongs to Winko Group in researching and manufacturing BOPS sheet since 1992, We introduced Marshall & Williams production equipment from USA, and accumulated a large number of professionals with strong technical force through 25 years' effort, after innovation and development, became the largest capacity one of the world' s single BOPS production line. The thinnest BOPS sheet we are producing is 96um, max 750um. Because of its great transparency, glossiness and rigidity, BOPS is known as the " glass" of plastic field and environment-friendly green material(100% recyclable), is the best and ideal material in food packaging, mecial and health-care packaging, industrial and agricultural packaging as well.

Our strength: Rich in production experience and proffessional talents; Geographical strengths; Scale strength; The popularity of environmental protection concept

We obtained U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European community (EC), Japanese Polyolefin hygiene association (PL), OU Kosher certificate, ISO international quality certificate (ISO9001: 2008), Quality Safety Authentication, National Hi-tech Enterprise Authentication, etc

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