Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine (LHXB-2)

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Product Description
The CNC cutting machine for the cantilever structure, horizontal cutting width 2m, each section longitudinal rails 3m (can be infinitely extended); Can configure multiple cutting torch, the user can type matching capacitor or automatic arc voltage increase; Cut Actions at the top with fine-tuning of the digital control panel, operation is extremely convenient; LHXB-2 CNC cutting machine for the small overall mobile, not fixed occupancy plant, easy to use and flexible.
Product Feature
Product features:

1. Single cantilever structure, the cantilever has a good stability.

2. Rack driving, motor driven by stepping drive technology, high machining accuracy.

3. Can also configure dual-flame and plasma cutting, can be equipped with automatic increase function.

4. Horizontal and vertical movement using pulse motor, vertical rails can be infinitely extended according to users' requirements.

5. The control system for independent research and development of new embedded nc system (8 inches color screen), with the most excellent stability at home and strong anti-interference ability. Chinese interface, simple operation, finished with a dedicated graphics conversion software, CAD drawings can be directly converted into cutting code. With U-disk interface, graphic design in the Office can be converted into the cutting machine by the U disk. Cutting process design simple, the graphics are not closed can also be processed to achieve a good edge-cut.

6. Beam axis adopt type linear guide rail, reduce the wear of the beam, and to better ensure the cutting precision.

Main technical parameters

1. Cutting shape: Programmable cutting straight lines and arcs of an arbitrary planar shape of the steel parts.

2. Cutting precision: National standard JB/T10045.3-99.

3. Installation: Combination installation can move at will, not fixed takes up space.

4. Increased ignition: Automatic ignition, electric increase (according to customer requirements can be configured automatically increase)

5. CNC systems: Self-developed control system, easy to use, stable and reliable.

6. CNC Programming: AutoCAD-based automated graphical programming software.
Product Specification / Models
Tech data:

Cross Beam Length: 1000mm

Longitudinal Rail Length: 2000mm

Effective Cutting Width (X axis): 1900mm

Effective Cutting Length (Y axis): 2000mm

Cutting Mode: Flame only; Plasma only

Drive Mode: Single-side

Drive Method: Rack and pinion drive for X and Y axes

Flame Cutting Thickness: 5-150mm

Plasma Cutting Thickness: According to the plasma power

Cutting Speed: 0-3500mm per minute

Moving Precision: 0.01mm per step

Power Source: 220V/380V 50Hz 1000W

Cutting Gas: Acetylene, Propane+Oxygen

Plasma Gas: Pressed air, Oxygen, N2

Torch Height Controller: Electromotion bottom.
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